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About the dub...I was kinda happy about Vic's performance initially, but now I realize...can he be cute? That was part of Ed's charm- whenever he blushed, or felt uncomfortable about something, his voice just made me go SQUEE and want to hug him! But far, he just sounds all tough-guy American and I can't imagine him having the same level of AWWWness that Paku Romi's voice had.
Actually, I don't think his voice fits at all. When I first started reading the manga, and had no idea what any of the characters' voices sounded like, I imagined Ed to have a sneaky, sly voice, because that's what he is during most of the first volume. And also, my first reaction to his character design, with an old-fashioned braid and alchemical symbols, made me expect him to sound European, sort of cultured if you know what I mean.
And then when I started watching the anime, I was surprised by just how much his voice matched the one in my head- and I was reading the translated manga scans back then, so yes, he had that voice in English. Now I'm feeling disappointed that we've lost an opportunity for a real Edward voice, and are stuck with Vic. Not that Vic is in any way bad, but still.
But then again, when I was reading the manga, I imagined Al to have a deep voice. O_o Whatever, I'll just wait for the rest of the dub.

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