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Re: Detective Conan Movie 10

OMG this was one of the best movies. :DD It's the 10th Anniversary movie, so nearly EVERY recurring character appears. It sounds crazy, but it totally worked!! And nearly everyone had a great scene! Even Sonoko! XD Kaitou Kid totally PWNED! *__* And Haibara, and Heiji, and Hakuba Saguru!! ♥♥♥ And there was a Mouri/Eri scene, Satou and Takagi were on a date, and and! XD

There were so many cool action scenes! And they weren't too over-the-top either! Conan actually fractured his leg halfway through during a skateboard stunt. O.O (That should have happened when he skateboarded down the rollercoaster in the 4th movie LOL.) I have to say the actual case didn't interest me much, but the overall plot was full of suspense. There were many parts that made me gasp, even up to very last scene!

But I can't believe they killed off those two detectives from the Sunset Mansion case off-screen. D: That made me sad. And why was Mitsuhiko's voice different? What happened to Ohtani Ikue? o.o

Anyway, in terms of character interaction, this movie was the best. The only thing missing was a Shinichi/Ran romance scene, but I didn't mind that at all because every other movie has one. And none of the other movies has Conan, Heiji, Haibara, Hakuba, and Kaitou Kid (basically all of my favorite characters) working together all at once!! XD Oh, I am such a happy fangirl right now.
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