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Chapter 73 Translation!

Sorry for the delay!! X_X To be honest...I just didn't feel like doing it for a while. It's been a couple of years since I've been able to read a chapter without having to start working right after. .__.; That's probably why I've been so slow lately too.

Pages 15/44 done.

Page 1
Escape from the darkness...!
Ah, here it is, here it is, it's the ladder
We're finally here. Turn on the light
Not good...we've gone over 24 hours
The opening's got to have been closed now
There's no helping it
We had no choice but to turn off the lanterns and come back groping around in the darkness

Page 2
At any rate, they were so persistent with the "If you turn on the light, the shadow monster will come"
Well, in the worst case scenario, I'll dig a hole with my right hand
...I wonder if they'll open it
We're talking about that queen; if it's been 24 hours, she'll really close up the entrance

Page 3
Welcome back
We're saved!!
Take these two to the medic, quick!
I thought I told you to close the hole when it's been 24 hours
Yes, but...
It hasn't been 24 hours on this watch

Page 4
.........That's broken
Oh-----? That's strange
By the way, this watch
Major General Armstrong lent it to me
Major General!

Page 5
I thought you must have died, you were so late
Hahaha, I was able to avoid death
Was the advance party safe?
Only two managed to survive
....I see
What are you doing at a place like this?
I was looking at the mountains
The winters here are nice. There's only black and white.
It's very clear; I like it
Please take a look

Page 6
If you look up, there is also blue
Peoples' hearts aren't only black and white either
I'm grateful for your sympathy this time
I have no idea what you're talking about
Something's arrived

Page 7
We're the Central army
We have business with the Major General over here
Chapter 73: Daydream
Let's put everything together

Page 8
First of all, we can't let it be known that Marcoh is here
In order to decode the research notes, we can't let Scar be captured here either
We have to free the Rockbell girl from being Central's hostage
We can't let it be known that the Elric Brothers are participating in this...
And I've been told to take the Rentanjutsu girl to the fortress
Do you mean me?!
What do you want to do with me?!
...Don't worry
I've been told to treat you with great care
(I'm not a scary man)
Which means that it would be best to gather everyone together and secretly shelter them inside the fortress
Wait wait wait!!

Page 9
You're taking him?!
Don't we need him to decode the research notes?
I can't forgive that!! We should just turn him over and-
Scar-san is not a bad person!!
It's not only Briggs, something is about to happen that will involve the entire country
We can't leave it alone
If you will cooperate with us, we can postpone your punishment until this is over
What do you think?
....No matter what I think, it's the same as saying I have no room to choose
I promise I'll cooperate
Are you being sincere?

Page 10
I swear it on the blood of Ishbal
Fellow red-eyed countryman
--That's how it is. Sorry, miss.
Please wait a while for his punishment

Page 11
Come to think of it, we forgot about these two
They are no use to us. Kill them.
Wait, wait!!
You don't have to kill them, do you?!
There's nothing to earn in letting them live.
Isn't there a way to solve this without killing them?
Don't give us your pity.
Mind your own business, good-for-nothing brat
It's not like we'd be able to live proper lives in the future with these bodies anyway
It's our time to die. Now kill us.

Page 12
Don't you have any family or people important to you?
We do
But when our bodies were turned like this, they were told we died. We haven't met them since.
Don't you want to meet them?
We want to meet them, but it can't be helped if we're like this
So you don't want to go back to your original bodies?
I guess you're satisfied with those bodies

Page 13
Then that's your answer
Don't say "we can't" or "it can't be helped" and give up like that!
Don't talk as if you're dead!!
You haven't even looked for any possibility of returning to your original bodies!!!
What do you think you understand about us
With these bodies
I understand
Because I have this body

Page 14 don't have a body
That's even worse than being a chimera. It's gotta hopeless to get your body back.
It's not hopeless.
I kept holding onto hope.....and I finally grabbed the end of a thread that will lead me to my original body.
From now on, no matter how many years it takes, I won't give up.
So if you're adults, don't say that you'll give up so easily.

Page 15
This is bad, Major!
If the storm keeps up like this, we won't be able to leave this town!
It's impossible to march through the snow with just the equipment here
Not good...there's no way to leave this town
Isn't this a mining town?
Why not go through the underground road

Page 16

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