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I watched the 5th Harry Potter movie today! I have to say that I was really, really impressed. In fact, I had a big grin on my face during most of the movie. Umbridge was perfect. Luna was perfect. The Ministry of Magic fight was WOW. It had better pacing than the other movies IMO, and the music was great. I was actually surprised at how many things they kept in, like Grawp (I expected him to get cut), Percy, Seamus, and little details like Luna reading the Quibbler upside down. I think the only things I'm really disappointed with are the lack of Sirius's mirror (isn't that going to be important later on? Apparently J.K. Rowling told the movie people to keep Kreacher in because he would be important, but not Sirius's mirror?) and the lack of Harry's outburst at Dumbledore (without that, it feels like Harry is still keeping his feelings pent up). But overall, this is my favorite of the movies so far. :)

Also, I've been thinking more about the new Darker than BLACK OP. I just felt disappointed with it at first because when I first learned of the song title (Awakening Heroism ~The Hero Without a 'Name') it made me get excited for Hei's role in the coming episodes. But when I actually heard the song, I thought the lyrics were uninteresting.

The only part that really sticks out to me is "nigetai hodo tsurai toki mo keshite hitori janai" because it implies that whatever is up ahead, Hei won't be alone. The first OP was all about sin and darkness, showing Hei as a "lone wolf," but the second OP seems to point more towards the "nakama" aspect, especially with the shot of the group together at the end. This I do like.

There are also some people who think that Hei/Misaki might be a possibility now. Personally, I can't imagine Hei getting romantically involved with anyone at the present, so I've been digging in my heels at shipping anything in this series.

As I see it, Hei/Amber may have happened in the past, but with the betrayal and Hei now looking to kill her, it's not going to be a happy relationship (I've been thinking that for a while since he looks so disgusted to see her in the first OP). Hei and Yin are very cute together, but I could just as easily see it as only being platonic. Hei/Misaki...well, at the moment Misaki only knows of BK-201 and his Li persona, so there's not much established between them at all. But I am curious to see how they would interact some more. I thought the toilet scene (*snerk*) in episode 10 was interesting because of how Hei symathized with her (though it's not really any different from how he treated Chiaki, to be honest). And all the times they've been shown passing by each other without Misaki realizing who he is makes me wonder...

I guess I'd just like to see Misaki having a bigger role. She's treated as a main character but I think she's been very underused so far. :( So the new OP gives me hope for that too (I swear her car gets nearly as much screen time as Hei does).

Now with those thoughts out of the way, I should really get started on that translation. >_>;;
Tags: darker than black, harry potter, movies, shipping

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