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Re: Darker than BLACK Episode 15

Gah, I went to take a nap while waiting for my download to finish and I woke up at 2 AM. >___<

New OP theme: ......I'm going to miss HOWLING so much. :( It's not that this song is bad, but it's so ordinary in comparison. Also, Hei fighting multiple versions of himself just looks bizarre. And I'm going to be thinking OH SNAP SOMEONE'S DEAD everytime I see the last part.

New ED theme: I think it has potential to make me cry in the future. It's very cute until the end where little Hei walks away alone. ;___;


-Firstly, a big HURRAH for the MI6 group returning!! And then an OH NO YOU DIDN'T for blowing them up!!!! T___T How can you tell if a star is falling or not if it's in the middle of the day dammit?! ...Well, I guess November 11 wouldn't be MI6's top agent if he can get offed so easily. I'm going to hope he created a shield of ice at the last minute or something. ;__;

-Ah, but November 11 is still amusingly quirky as usual. His cigarrete packs have "DEATH" written on them, and his cell phone message is just...LOL. "Thank you for you call. This is your Jack Simon. I'm sorry, I can't answer the phone right now. Here, have a joke instead." XDDD

But why does his phone just vibrate now? I loved that ringtone. D: I suppose because he'd hear his ringtone from the shower, and you can't have that because you have to BLOW UP APRIL, don't you?! >:(

...LOL, I'm fangirling a character's cellphone.

-The Pizza Hut advertising was really annoying in this episode. :/

-The sunspot thing and Hoshimi-sama talking = BAD THINGS to come? I'm not sure how this will tie into the is Tokyo going to disappear? o.o

-The Meteor Fragment from the Hell's Gate arc is also playing an important role somehow.

-The English on that information sheet about April was awful. Her hometown is "rondon"? XD

-Maki is a cute kid. His powers seem typical, but the yellow handprints thing was cool. :O WATCH OUT KID, AMBER MIGHT BETRAY YOU TOO~

-This confirms that Amber is the one who betrayed Hei. She's quite interesting so far, looking so innocent while working as a double agent. And she ended up betraying BOTH sides. That takes guts. She used to be known as "February" in the MI6, but she says she likes the name "Amber" the best. Also, she looks/sounds younger in the present than when she was in South America with Hei 5+ years ago. o.o I wonder if that has to do with her payment? Well, we don't even know what her power is yet...

-Hei wants to be the one to take her down. So he's looking for her to get REVENGE.

-November 11 has mad driving skillz. And I love how Hei gets away by just hiding his mask & coat and walking away in Li mode. XD

-Hmm...November told July to go to a woman's place. Could that be Misaki?

-What's Amber going to do with Yin?!? D: And why did she say "Hisashiburi" when she'd apparently just met Yin for the first time?

Conclusion: Things are heating up! MOAR PLZ.
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