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Couldn't come up with a subject, go me

Once AGAIN, I am conflicted. I have like $29 dollars now. Should I spend it on the Wolf's Rain DVD or Animerica (which will hopefully be out at Borders today and have lots of stuff on FMA).

I also have no idea what I'm going to do for Writer's Group. I haven't written much. Not even fanfic. Am I going to die? :(

Oh, and Justine? It turns out the first FMA DVD won't be coming out until February 8. Which means that, if the dub turns out to be good, I will be taping the episodes and then FORCE THEM UPON YOU! Be prepared! *Mwahaha*

UPDATE: ;_; Traffic is bad, so mom's going straight to class. So now I can't go to Writer's Group OR buy the DVD or magazine. This sucks.
Although...*looks around* Since nobody's one can stop me from watching anime! HUZZAH!

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