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Re: Darker than BLACK Episode 14

OMG what a beautiful episode. It put tears in my eyes. *__*

-Oh gawd, Hei ♥♥ He called her "nakama"! SO CUTE. Gotta love this conversation-

Mao: Are you sure you can really kill her?
Hei: She is only a Doll.
Mao: Then why did you save her back then? ;3
Hei: ..... *flashbacks to episode 12*

I even appreciated Gai in this episode for screaming in Hei's face like that about treating Yin like a doll. "Dude, you look really suspicious!!" LOL. I also laughed at the fact that Hei propped Gai's umbrella over him. How thoughtful. XDD

-AWWWWW YIN. That's sad about what happened to her mother. ;__; She played piano omg!! She cried! She tried to make herself smile for Hei. XDDD Overall, she was just so precious in this episode. ♥

-HUANG. Omg unexpected character development. I like him a lot more now. As soon as he saw Yin crying he couldn't pull the trigger. That's so....aww.

-I found myself feeling really sympathetic to the two enemy Contractors. Berta's story was especially heartbreaking. She doesn't necessarily have to eat cigarettes for her payment, it can be anything, but before she became a Contractor, she had a baby. She'd quit smoking for her baby's sake, but she still had a pack lying around, and her baby ended up eating them and died. That's why she chooses cigarettes. DD:

The two of them dying together looking up at the 'moonlight' really contributed to the emotional climax, IMO. They're going on my list of favorite Contractors for sure.

Sometimes I find it so ironic that I'm enjoying this show for its fluff and humor as much as anything else. (Whereas I'm always looking forward to badass fighting in Romeo x Juliet, whut.)

Anyway, next episode looks nothing short of pure AWESOME. Return of November 11 and his gang, Amber finally gets some actual scenes, AND the new OP and ED premieres!! IT NEEDS TO BE NEXT WEEK LIKE RIGHT NOW.

EDIT: After reading other peoples' reactions to the episode, I realized something that I hadn't payed much attention to while watching it myself: Dude, Hei shocked himself to keep his heart from stopping? He did his own CPR?? That's friggin AWESOME. ...I've been using the word "awesome" for this show too much lately. XD
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