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Happy Fourth of July!!! Time for more anime rambling. :D

Bokurano Episode 13:

Holy shit. O_O This episode say "shocking" would be an understatement.

Holy shit. They've been destroying entire universes with each battle?! That's just.....HORRIBLE. Oh god. When they saw the other pilots and then Maki had to kill them after looking them right in the eye....OMG. ;____;

Then the ending! Those men who tried to kidnap them. WTF?! That's a new, scary twist. O_O

And the new ED theme. I was quite disturbed seeing everyone smiling like that and holding hands. Yeah....there's something very wrong with that image. >_< For a second I was wondering whether they were going to spoil the entire pilot order until it began going out of order starting with Kirie...

Romeo x Juliet Episode 14:

I haven't been saying much about this series lately because I've been feeling rather annoyed with both Romeo and Juliet for the past few episodes. It seems the only characters that I am consistently happy with are Curio and Francisco (who were both AWESOME in episode 13, btw- what a team ♥). Benvolio/Cordelia is still super cute as well (I'd say ep. 13 and 14 nearly make them canon :D), and I'm really starting to like the idea of Mercutio/Hermione (he's like the only person who seems to actually pay attention to her thoughts and feelings). Oh, and where did Tybalt go? O.o

Anyway, despite this being a Romeo-focused episode, I was fairly impressed by it. FINALLY, some character development for Romeo that is unrelated to Juliet. Hopefully now he'll stop being so naive. Also, Montague can actually be a bit interesting when it comes to the subject of his family leaving him. I hope to see more of that.

In other news, I am SO EXCITED for Darker than BLACK episode 14. And even more so for episodes 15 & 16. Memory of Betrayal, the Amber Smile... HELL YEAH!! Also, there's some amazing cosplay here.
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