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If you haven't already noticed, I've been on a DtB high for the past week

Couldn't sleep, so I decided to check out the Darker than BLACK manga. So far....I hate it. UGH, who thought it was a good idea to turn it shoujo? The plot centers almost entirely around this girl Kana who I find very annoying. If this were fanfiction (and it certainly reads like a bad fanfic), she'd be such an obvious Mary Sue.

But most of all I hate what they've done to Hei. I mean yeah, he's the dark brooding loner type in the anime too, but not ALL THE TIME, and there's obviously more to him than that. His Li side has only appeared for like two pages out of three chapters. >/ Whereas Anime!Hei is immediately intriguing, Manga!Hei is boring and typical.

And also:


GAWD WHY IS HE SO SKINNY. How can he be so skinny if he eats such ridiculous amounts of food?! (Oh wait, that hasn't even been shown in the manga yet.) WHY DOES HE LOOK SO STARVED. THAT IS NOT SEXY, THAT'S CREEPY. At least Anime!Hei's got some meat on him!

Just....fjkahszqiajkg FEED THE POOR GUY! Throw some ramen at him!

Oh, and GTFO KANA this is such blatant wish fulfillment. >_<

*sigh* The character designer for the anime is a manga artist, right? Why couldn't he have made a manga for this series? T_T
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