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Re: Juushin Enbu Chapter 5

Awwwwww that's so cute and- OH SNAP WTF OMG!!!!! O___O

That's basically my reaction to this whole chapter.

It started out as a training episode with some fluff, amusing moments, and nice character interaction, then all of a sudden it turned TRAGIC. OMMMMMG. So many interesting developments. This manga is getting good now. O_O

-Kouei. ;_______; I'll miss her. And she's only been in two chapters goddammit!! Maybe that's why she wasn't included in the cast list for the anime. ;_____;

And omg......she knew Shimei!! She didn't recognize him at first, so it must have been a long time ago......were they involved? It was implied during the bath scene that she might have liked someone once.... Come to think of it, Kouei and Shimei are so far the only characters who seem to use magic... O.O

But the way she reacted when she realized it was him...and she knew that Shimei was not a nice guy. Hmmm. Former lovers? Enemies? I'm intrigued~~

-Taitou. AHHHHHH. DAMMIT HAGUN. That last page with him in tears and saying "I'm sorry" to Kouei just breaks my heart. ;______;

Also, he definitely is aware that he's not related to Laila. He's scared of her finding out and is hiding it. And now Ryuukou knows too!

-Oh yeah. Ryuukou is an orphan. Apparently his parents died when he was little. I wonder if the subject of who his parents are will ever come up again...? Also, now we have proof that Ryuukou is only a few years older than Taitou probably.


-Laila. Now THIS is really interesting. This is the second time that she's been able to calm Taitou down from a beserker rage when no one else could, and now it's being implied that it's not a coincidence. If it's enough to make Shimei pay attention....there's gotta be something up with her. O_o

What will the next chapter be about? I have no clue. Only that there will be lots AAAANGST.

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