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Some thoughts

Well, I finished watching episode 40. I don't know if I'd have time to get through 41 and 42 (because I refuse to watch them separatly), so I guess I'll call it quits for today.
I'd just like to it wrong for me to start thinking Al/Martel? I mean, it's crack, but it's still there. Until the end of the episode, that is. ;_; What is it with me and crack pairings? I like Ed/Rose, and that's fine, but I still haven't let go of Ed/Lust or Ed/Psiren either. WTF. What is wrong with me?!
Also, watching episode 40 got me pondering about Scar. I'm still getting used to playing his character, because really, we're nothing alike. It's quite a challenge. But he's so cool I can't help but want to RP him.
Well, not cool, not necessarily. He's an extremely flawed character. He has faulty logic, uses his religion as an excuse to serve his needs, and to be frank, he's not completely right in the head. But I still like him. Which is weird. I remember I used to feel guilty about that, because come on, he's a serial killer AND he's after my poor Ed.
But he's kind of a softy underneath, if you can believe that. There's no doubt he has a soft spot for Al, at least. I can see why- look at all the similarities there are between them. They both were unsuccessful at stopping their older brothers, who they love and respect, from committing their sins, and as a result, their own lives were threatened. Then their older brothers sacrificed themselves to save them, and of course they feel guilty about that. But in Scar's case, his older brother died, and I'm afraid this is what led him to snap.
As you can see, there isn't much of a difference between their circumstances, and in episode 15, Al even admits that he might walk the same path if Ed were to be killed. Which is kinda interesting. If Scar had killed Ed in episode 15, would Al go hunting after Scar to get revenge? (I smell an AU developing...)
Actually, this whole brothers theme comes up often in the series. Besides the Elrics and Scar and his brother, there are also Rick and Leo and the Tringham brothers. They all have a lot alike, in terms of attitude anyway.
But getting back to Scar and the Elrics, I think Scar envies them. Not just because Ed survived his sacrifice, but because even now, they're close and both love each other very much. Did Scar have such a relationship with his brother? Recalling episode 42, I don't think so. Seems like Scar's brother (hell, I'll just call him Bruce from now on) just went and did his own thing without even bothering with Scar. He knew Scar liked his girlfriend, but did nothing about it. Only at the very end did Bruce show any sign of affection- otherwise it looked like Scar was the one taking care of him (ring a bell?).
Afterwards, Scar wandered around for a few years angsting and wondering what to do next. And in his mind, the logical conclusion was revenge. Why is that? Surely he knows that he's going against his God's teachings, no matter what he says- even when his master points this out to him, Scar stubbornly resumes killing. In my opinion, he never got a chance to grow up. What with this war suddenly erupting, his life is suddenly turned into chaos, and all he could do is hang on to survive. Then the brother whom he admired goes batshit nuts and is exhiled. Even when Bruce comes back, he becomes a burden to his little brother. After all this, Scar simply gives up what's left of morality and lives by his instincts.
See, if he really did believe in what he was doing, then he wouldn't have helped Ed out in the 5th laboratory. At that moment, he felt sympathy for them and acted by his emotions. And he saved Al dozens of times. The only thing rational in him now is his thirst for some kind of justice, realistic or not (ooh, neat, that parallels Ed too).
And now for Scar's death (dun dun dunh!). I'm gonna have to watch that part again, but his conversation with Lust still sticks out in my mind. This is where I got the feeling that he didn't have a very healthy relationship with Bruce. The fact that he sheds tears when wishing he could have told Bruce he loved him...and his last words are "Niisan..." Man, all this time he's been grieving and feeling guilt and shoot, he probably even hated Bruce to some degree, but in the end he returns to a childish point of view and wondering WHY- HOW could things have turned out this way? It's just not FAIR.
And he passes away, with this last thought lingering in his mind. It's fitting, and probably the best death a guy like him could have. It reminds me of Al's sacrifice in episode 51- his last words were also "Niisan." Once again, their situations are similar- the Elrics just had more luck and love.

Good god, I just wrote a frickin' essay there, didn't I? O_O

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