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Chapter 72 Translation!

Page 44/44 done. YAAAAAAAAY FINISHED!!!

Page 1
Hawkeye, who has been exposed to fear. Humans who know of darkness will fear the darkness...

Page 2
(I will always be watching you from the shadows)

Page 3
It's okay
It's okay...

Page 4
Thank you for your continued support
This is your favorite florist [....He is such a DORK. XD]
I don't have a favorite florist!
Ah, sorry
I got drunk and bought a huge quantity of flowers
I'd be grateful if you could help dispose of some......... [Translation: I WANT TO GIVE YOU FLOWERS]
......What's wrong?

Page 5
Did something happen?
No, nothing.
Are you sure?
Nothing at all. Yes.
No thank you. I don't have any vases at home.
Thank you for taking the trouble to call, Colonel.

Page 6
...I have to wonder why he has such good timing
Chapter 72: Negative Chain, Positive Stone

Page 7
It's been a while, Marcoh-san.
Thanks for the information back then
No...I haven't done anything worth being thanked for
The Philosopher's Stone...
Did you look into it?
We found out how it's made too.

Page 8
Thanks to that, we were able to find out all sorts of things
There's something strange about the origins of this country
and alchemy too
So we looked for another possibility in the country of Xing's Rentanjutsu and followed after Mei
As I'd expect from you
I think it's encouraging that you two have appeared here
With these research notes,
Rentanjutsu, and now if only we had Scar...

Page 9
Oh yeah, we were chasing after Scar.....
What's that sound?
No idea
Winry, Marcoh and co. stay hidden
We'll go take a look
The northern army is here looking for Scar
They might have made contact

Page 10
Whoah there!!
(He's fat and fast!)

Page 12
If you can't touch any flesh, your attacks aren't scary at all!!
You can't destroy from a long distance, and if I cast down attacks from above and below, you can't do anything!!
I've already researched your habit of destroying your footing when you try to find a way out of a situation

Page 13
We'll keep persistantly attacking you from a distance without ever coming near
You'll be ragged and worn when We hand you over to Kimbley-san
Whooooah there
We got here with good timing again, huh?

Page 14
Oh? The Elric Brothers?
Scar got captured. Luckyyyy...
(Blue military uniforms...they must be Kimbley's henchmen from Central)
(Tch...what a bother)
(So they were chimeras)
You're late
Right now we're capturing Scar...

Page 15
Wha-wha-wha-what are you doing?! We're your allies...
We don't know any allies who are so inhuman!!
Scaaaary!! They're going to pretend they're our allies so they can eat us!! (Look at those fangs!!)
The fatty one in the back has a huge mouth too!! We'll get swallowed whole!!
You brats!!
Be quiet for a while!!

Page 16
......the hell?!
(This brat...)
(Is he even faster than Scar?)

Page 17
Wha...what's with you, Brother?
What's with him!!
I can't get a grip on him!!

Page 18
It's light!! It's so light!!
It's like my arm and leg are made of bone!!
Oh wonderful northern-use automail!!
Wahahahahaha haaah?!
It must be hard to keep balanced if it's so light all of a sudden
What a moron [.....I love Al. XD]
Why you, how dare you make light of me...
The strength of my punch is lighter too...
Fuhahahaha!! My saliva can't be taken off so easily!!
Drool?! That's gross!! [Oh ewww, he touches Winry with that hand later! DX ]

Page 19
If it's drool, that means...
If you deconstruct it, it's pretty much just water!!

Page 20
It's cold...what did you put on me...?!
Take this!
"If You Touch Cold Metal With A Wet Hand You'll Get Frozen To It" ATTAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!
What'd you do that for, Brother!
My skin is coming off!! OGEHAAAGGHH
Don't interfere, Fullmetal Alchemist!!

Page 21
You should be allying yourself with us!!
Shut up, pig!! You aren't on my list of acquaintances!!
No matter how I look at you, you're just not human!! You're exploding with suspiciousness!! You're an enemy character without a doubt!! Show me evidence that you're an ally!! (Come on, come on)
Ohh, I'll show you!!
I'll undo the transformation right now so just watch...
I was waiting for this moment!! foolish, to sheathe your weapon in front of an enemy...
Get away, you...
Ahh, okay, okay

Page 22
Go to sleep for a while
--So the dogs of the military have come after me again
He's revived.....
Would you just get captured already!!
Come out into the open and recieve your judgement, Scar!
...I will eliminate all who get in my way

Page 23
Oh, is that so!
(He comes lunging straight at me without thinking)
(What a fool!)
Your right arm of steel, it is done for!!
It was bait

Page 25
Oh shi...

Page 26
You idiot!! Why did you come?!

Page 27
Stay back
Whoah!! What the hell is this
Major Miles...
Major, are these...
Blue military they're the ones who came from Central
It seems they've been doing some horrible experiments near the top

Page 28
Kimbley's henchmen?
We didn't notice at alll!
You can relax. You don't need to lie to us.
We, as well as Major General Armstrong, are on your side
Didn't you take Lieutenant General Raven's side...?
And that Lieutenant General Raven has gone missing
It's a big problem
Gone missing?
Tie up the ones in the military uniforms

Page 29
Now, Scar
It's hard for me to judge my own kind, but I can't let a man like you have your own way
Did you say your own kind?
Elric Brothers
Thank you for cooperating in securing Scar
You can leave the rest to us.......
Stupid!! Don't go near him!!

Page 30
Let go. It's okay.
Miss, stay back!
Like hell it's okay!!
Please.....let us talk
I've been wanting to talk to him face to face
Why did you kill mom and dad?

Page 31
...........No matter what I say, it would only be an excuse
It is a fact that I killed the husband and wife doctors named Rockbell
I have no right to say anything on this matter
However, girl
You do have the right to judge me

Page 32
Your arm
If we leave it like this, you'll bleed to death

Page 33
Mom and dad probably would have done this too
And you're someone that they let live
I think that there must be some kind of meaning behind that
Are you saying...
that you'll forgive me

Page 34
Don't misunderstand me
I won't forgive something so outrageous
You must bear that
Are you saying I should forgive what the national military did?
Don't misunderstand me. To "bear" and "forgive" are not the same thing.
You must not forgive the outrageous things that happen in this world. As a person, you must feel resentment.
However, you must endure it.
Someone has to break off the chain of hatred.

Page 35
If you let yourself be carried away by rage, that makes you a beast- no different from an animal
Even if the whole world denies us Ishbalans, we are still "humans"
You must not fall to the way of the beast
If negative emotions gather together, the world will become a negative flow.
And vice versa, it's possible to gather positive feelings and make the world into a positive flow.
Shall we contact headquarters?

Page 36
I'm okay.
I won't cry.
Because we promised that the next time I cry, they'll be tears of joy
Hey Scar

Page 37
Winry might be fine with this
But as for us, we still want to punch your lights out and drag you in front of the graves of the Rockbell family if we can.
So they call you Miles. May I ask you something?
What is it
You called me your "own kind"
That's right
I am Ishbalan coming from my grandfather's generation
I didn't want to meet you in this way
Fellow red-eyed countryman

Page 38
Why does one with Ishbalan blood take part in the national military?
In order to change how people think of Ishbalans from within the country
...I don't think that peoples' minds can be changed so easily
That's right
I don't know how long it will take
But because it is I, one of mixed race, that it can be done

Page 39
Let's say that my body is one stone of Ishbal that has been cast into Amestris's national military
Before long, the ripples that arise from the one small stone that was cast will grow into a great ring
And as for the one who made me realize that it's worth throwing my life into the military-
Ironically, she is pure Amestrian
...I am a pus named hatred that was born in that rebellion
I don't pray to God or look back
As pus, it would be suited for me to be like pus and rot, without hope of being saved by God, and disappear inside a gutter

Page 40
I am glad that someone like you exists
.....HQ, this is Miles
We've found Scar in building D5
Right now we are detaining him. Please send us support.

Page 41
Building D5? Is there some sort of landmark?
We'll make a smoke signal
Kimbley-san, this is bad
The weather is changing
This will grow into a storm soon
...Go quickly!
Kimbley's party is moving your way. Please continue to detain him there
No matter your circumstances, I can't just overlook you
Come out into the open and recieve your judgement
Miss, hurry and get away from here. We can't let you be captured by Kimbley again.

Page 42
P...please wait!!
Please don't take that man away!
Who are you?

Page 43
That's the building Major Miles is in!
Fullmetal Alchemist?
....!! Kimbley, you bastard!!
Why weren't you watching over Winry at headquarters?!

Page 44
Scar, and the one he carries in his arm is Winry...?!

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