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So I'd heard that Victorian Romance Emma: Second Act really begins to diverge from the manga in episode 7. I still haven't seen episode 6 yet, but I was curious so I downloaded the episode 7 RAW.

And holy crap.....THEY WEREN'T KIDDING. The only thing similar to the manga in this episode is William cancelling the engagement, and even that didn't turn out the same way!! And with all these major changes I don't see how they can continue to adapt the manga anymore! Just....WTF!

I'm still kinda reeling over it all and still not sure what to think of it as a whole. Because there were some things that I did really like in this episode and that I think improved on things that the manga neglected.

Specifically, Hans. He actually has background history in the anime! He actually talks! He actually has a visible personality! I am loving this thing with fixing watches that he has in the anime. And and OMG. He chased after Emma! I mean yeah, Adele told him to but....that was quite a nice scene between them! *takes screencap*


I also really liked Emma meeting Eleanor again and seeing how upset she is. That was really interesting and something that I would have liked to see in the manga too, because in the manga it was like everyone just forgot about Eleanor after a maybe I can hope that they'll introduce Earnest toward the end too?! That would be awesome. EARNEST/ELEANOR OTP.

However, WTF!!!!!! Why did the Molders family move to London?! That was so sudden and I don't understand WHY!! Why did Emma move back to her hometown just because she felt bad about everything?! Without even terminating her employment first?! I thought Emma was supposed to be stronger and more responsible than that! What the hell is going to happen now that she's way out in the country alone and everyone else is in London?! WHAT THE HELL.

I...hope that they at least manage to keep the Emma-gets-kidnapped-and-taken-to-America plotline. No...wait. I don't think they can do that anymore, because Eleanor's parents didn't even try to fool her.... WAIT WAIT does that mean they can't have Emma and William's long-distance relationship with them trading locks of hair?! ;__; William won't come to meet Emma at the Molders mansion?! AHHHHH NOOOO.

So I guess, to summarize....there are a few things that the anime is doing better than the manga, which I appreciate. Some of it is just fascinating to see and I'm curious to see where they'll take it. But also, a few things in this episode reeeaally seemed too rushed, random, and perhaps even OOC. And this means that I probably won't get to see some of my favorite plotlines animated because this episode changed so much. It's going to go in a completely different direction now and I'm feeling both excited and apprehensive to see what comes next.
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