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Random update

....OMG. XDDDD I just got an awesome idea for a light-hearted/fluffy Ed+Ling friendship MMV. This song is so PERFECT LOL. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to do it until Ling comes back in the manga. :( But it's not like I don't have plenty of other ideas to work on until then; I also got inspired for a Roy-tachi video the other day too...

Anyway, I'm like 90% done with the Ed Tribute MMV. I decided not to do colored images after all, because it would get too complicated and I don't have time to learn how to do it myself right now. And I think I'm gonna try for maybe one video per month this summer...

Unrelated to MMVs, I have a job interview in Arlington tomorrow morning! I'M SO FRIGGIN NERVOUS. DDD:
Tags: manga, mmv, real life

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