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Darker than BLACK Episode 8:

Mao had many scenes. Pink-haired-girl had very few. This makes me happy. :D

This episode wasn't very funny (well, I thought the previous one wasn't either), which I thought made it better. Though I did snicker at the end when Gai was saying that Li was just a normal guy after all. XD

I squeed when Hei saved Mao. :D And we get a full explanation for Mao's powers, what happened to his original body, and his contract! Teh awesome. We actually see him using his powers! And then he crashes into a bridge! XD

And gawd, HOW CUTE IS HE?

He's stuck as a cat and still manages to have a sense of humor about it. Oh, I adore him. ♥

Overall, while I didn't think this arc was funny, it doesn't completely suck. It was a good arc for Mao. I'll just try to ignore pink-haired-girl and her antics whenever I think about it. I hope we never see her again. >O

The next episode should be good! There's a flashback to Misaki when she was younger, apparently. :O And apparently Misaki and Hei/Li will have some actual interaction, which should be interesting! I've been wondering just what role Misaki will play in this series other than being the outside observer...

Emma Second Act Episode 4:

MONICAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! XD I love this episode so much, I had to take screenshots!

She's finally animated!!!

They kept this yesssssssssssss!!! XD And Monica's interaction with Hakim is just gold.

Monica: "Where is William Jones? Answer me!"
Hakim: "Is that an order?"
Monica: "It's an order."
Hakim: "That's a first. Not bad."

HAHAHA YES they kept Colin's reaction!! I remember when I first read this part of the manga I just couldn't stop laughing at his face here. XD

Dawwww, poor Monica.

And of course, I cannot review this episode without saying: WILLIAM, YOU IDIOT!!! Oh, there is going to be SO MUCH DRAMA in the next episode! *cackle*
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