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Additional thoughts on Romeo x Juliet

Contains spoilers up to episode 8!

About Romeo/Juliet:

What I find frustrating about the Romeo/Juliet relationship so far is Romeo himself. It just seems that Juliet has so much worse to go through while Romeo has it easy. He doesn't, of course, but in comparison to Juliet it certainly seems that way, and to me it makes the relationship feel unequal. Romeo is ignorant of everything Juliet is going through, and though he's gradually learning (which I like), he still doesn't know enough about her to help and comfort her, which is what she needs most at the moment (and what Tybalt is providing). Instead he's just increasing her level of stress and angst.

As it is, they're both using the romance as an escape from the harsh realities of their lives and their own responsibilities to the people around them. Yes, it's a shame that they aren't allowed to be innocent and in love together, but there are also bigger things going on. Juliet seems to have realized this in the past few episodes, and is trying to separate from Romeo (at least temporarily) so she can bring freedom to the people. To not do so would render Lancelot's sacrifice worthless.

Romeo, on the other hand, is still doing nothing. He has a good heart, a sense of justice, and clearly feels that the things his father is doing is wrong, not to mention he isn't given the liberty to make decisions about his own life and his friends' lives are being threatened. But to rebel against one's own father, no matter how much of a bastard he is, is easier said than done. Certainly he's tried helping the people on his own before. And Benvolio does have a point in saying that waiting for his own reign to come would be a wiser option than going against his father alone and possibly getting killed.

I think the problem is that Romeo is very uninformed. I want him to know about Juliet and her rebellion, because then I think he would be able to do something finally. He wouldn't be alone anymore. And it would probably help the rebellion if the people knew that Montague's own son was against him.

I think that way, this story could actually lead to a happy ending. Because the way things are set, I can't imagine Romeo and Juliet having the same tragic death as the original play. It wouldn't hold the same meaning, because here the Capulet side has a very good reason to hate the Montagues, and Romeo and Juliet have other things they need to concentrate on besides just their romance. If Romeo and Juliet kill themselves for each other, it would be a very selfish thing to do. If Romeo and Juliet get married and rule Neo Verona together, that would be the perfect ending, IMO.

About Tybalt:

I'm starting to build a theory on who Tybalt really is. Of course, we still know very little about him, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this get debunked somewhere along the line.

It might be that he's a survivor of the Capulet family like Juliet. But no one on the Capulet side seems to have any idea of who he is except Conrad (who thinks to himself "Could it be..."). If Tybalt is indeed Juliet's cousin, I think more people would know of him. And even if he is unrelated to the Capulets, he'd be able to know what the Capulet side is planning from his spy network.

One thing that I do think is apparent is that he is from a noble family. He's bribing lots of people, constantly, which means he must have a lot of money stashed away somewhere. However, he hates Montague, and is supporting Juliet.

I think it would be interesting if Tybalt turns out to be a survivor of the Montague family instead. I mean, he bears more of a resemblance to Romeo than to Juliet. And Montague is evil enough to wipe out troublesome members of his own family to rule Neo Verona, I think. So what if Tybalt is Romeo's cousin? That would be a neat twist. And why not, right? There's been plenty of role reversals between Romeo and Juliet already. And Conrad is old friends with Benvolio's father, so who knows, he might have been accquainted with Tybalt's father too.

Unrelated to that theory, though....I'm curious to see how Tybalt would react if/when he finds out that Juliet is in love with Romeo. I'm sure the rest of the Capulet side would be shocked as well, but Tybalt in particular seems more coldblooded and merciless...

EDIT: Hmm, I just read on the official site that Mercutio is actually Romeo's cousin. Well....Titus (Mercutio's father) is on good terms with Montague, so maybe that kept him from being wiped out...? xD;

Also, this is so very true and LOL.
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