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Death Note Episode 32:

Dude, what was with all that classical music playing in every Mikami scene?! I'm lovin' it! *__*

Hell, the whole first half of the episode was devoted to Mikami! They kept his backstory! Friggin awesome. He's such an interesting character- he has good intentions, but he sees everything as black-and-white, and thus his idea of justice is very warped. But you could definitely understand how he would come to see Kira as a god.

And once he gets the Death Note he becomes so gleefully fanatical, hee. When he finally gets to talk to Light he sounds positively orgasmic. XDD I especially like how Light kept going "Mikami, you're awesome >:DD" the whole episode. XD

Also: LOL.

Bokurano Episode 5:

Koemushi is so EVIL HAHAHA. He amuses me.

I thought it was really interesting to see the government getting involved. It's more realistic than to have them being ignorant to everything. And Koemushi's interaction with the government officials was very, uh...entertaining? XD

I don't have many thoughts on Kako, other than that I think his reaction is realistc and it's good to have that type of character for story purposes. Actually, I'm surprised at how calm some of the other kids were upon learning that they're going to die.

Romeo x Juliet Episode 8:

Such a good episode omg!!!!

FJZLJFIUHDFIACGHF. That's it, I don't care anymore, I am shipping Tybalt/Juliet. *___* It's not gonna happen, Romeo might end up killing Tybalt, and they might even turn out to be cousins, but I DON'T CARE. LOVE QUADRANGLE YESSS!!! The end of the episode made me VERY happy. Some of my favorite Tybalt moments:

-Tybalt: *smirk* "Or are you too scared to come with me?"

-Tybalt bribing people. He has his own network of spies?!

-He hates Montague. Hmm, there must be a story behind that~

-Tybalt hugging Juliet as she's crying! It was kinda unexpected considering the condescending way he treated her the whole episode, but I think he does truly care for her and wants her to take down Montague; but he sees that she's not prepared for it yet. Showing her all these things was his way of trying to toughen her up and make her ready to fight. It leads to lots of angst for Juliet, of course, but in the end he still saved her (that's twice now!) and tried to comfort her. Not sure if it worked, but it's the thought that counts. XD




Other things:

-Benvolio being roommates with Curio. XD I am so amused. I'm becoming rather fond of Benvolio now, actually. I liked his meeting with Romeo. And again, I am loving Francisco/Curio. And Cordelia hearing what they're planning to do with Benvolio and looking worried~

-I felt so sorry for Romeo this episode. When Montague said he'll execute Cielo I was like GASP NO!! Thank goodness for Hermione, poor girl. :( But poor Romeo too, he feels so trapped. His own father tried to kill his best friend! I want Romeo to learn that Juliet is the one who saved Benvolio~ I want to see him fighting against his father already. D:

-Mercutio. ...Mehhh. He's doesn't have much of a role yet, does he? :/ And whenever he does appear, he isn't very likeable.

-Juliet finally accepting her responsibility to the city and taking her father's sword FTW. She is definitely my favorite character.

...Huh. It's very surprising to me that at the moment, I'm looking forward to the next episode of Romeo x Juliet more than I am for Darker than BLACK. o.o;
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