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All I ever post about these days is anime o_o;

Darker than BLACK Episode 7:


I didn't find it very funny. :/ The only part where I actually went "heh" was when the private detective guy said Hei would get fat in his 30's. And the only parts where I was actually interested were the scenes that involved Hei and Mao and the new Contractor. At least we learn how Mao's powers (used to) work now. Though it annoys me that they get less screen time while pink-haired girl prances around acting stupid.

GAWD, I HATE PINK-HAIRED GIRL. Keep your cosplaying catgirls, otaku references, and super-deformed expressions OUT of my dark spy anime plzkthx!!!! >/

Private detective guy I didn't really mind. But still, meh. I'm at least curious to see how Hei will fight the new Contractor next episode (if he does). And hopefully pink-haired girl will get killed off somehow.

Romeo x Juliet Episode 7:

TYBAAAAAALT. He's like Tuxedo Mask, only COOLER. In fact, he's cool to the point that it's FUNNY. What with the two swords, black flying horse, black cloak, and being so MYSTERIOUS. LOL.

More seriously- Hmm, no one knows who Tybalt is. But he knows Juliet. :O I read up on Tybalt from the original play last night (I read the play in high school but forgot who some of the minor characters are), and Tybalt is Juliet's cousin....I wonder if they'll keep that in this anime.

I think it's funny that just a day ago the city was under martial law and now suddenly it's a FLOWER FESTIVAL. Wtf?! XD

I have been waiting. Waiting for Romeo to SNAP. I hope that this is the beginning of it, because so far Romeo has been rather useless. Though I have to say, if Juliet didn't reciprocate his feelings, Romeo's behavior at the end of the episode would look creepy stalkerish. XD

I think I'm going to ship Benvolio/Cordelia now. XDD And Francisco/Curio for sure! And fjzuhgudhzugfvah, seeing Tybalt and Juliet together in the next episode preview made me go "OMG!" but I should know better than to ship Juliet with anybody else. D: The Romeo/Juliet pairing name is the friggin TITLE.

Emma Second Act Episode 3:

That's it, I want the next soundtrack!!! I adore the new music in this episode. *___* AURELIA~! Her mansion is beautiful!

I've noticed that for some reason, the anime doesn't have Emma blushing as much as in the manga. Huh. Though I suppose Kaoru Mori liked making Emma blush too much at times just because she likes that. XD

Poor Eleanor. She really doesn't deserve any of this. I'm so glad she ends up with Earnest in the Bangaihen. She totally needs a sweet guy like him. Earnest/Eleanor OTP. ♥♥♥

I initially got annoyed at how William treated Eleanor in this episode, though you could definitely tell that he's thinking "maybe being with her wouldn't be so bad" by the end. Uh oh.

Ah, man. I love how the anime uses every opportunity to include Hakim. XD They at least give him something to do than sit around smoking all the time!

I think Arthur is an interesting character. Well, maybe interesting isn't the right word....he's very realistic. I can't help but like him somehow.

Next episode: MONICAAAAAA! >D
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