Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Death Note Episode 30 & 31

You know what, I'm still really enjoying this show. The second half is soooo much easier to watch in anime format, mostly because they're just breezing through everything at a quick pace yet still keeping the important parts. And the little touches that Madhouse adds are pretty cool (like how they used green for Aizawa's color against Light's red).

I'm really starting to like Near now too. My favorite part from episode 30 has to be at the very end, where Near looks and sounds totally pissed off with Light practically taunting him.

And my favorite part from episode 31 is where Mikami is killing off Demegawa and his followers. That was an awesome scene. Over-dramatic, but that's what makes it great. XD "SAKUJO!!!" And then when the Sakura TV logo came up I just burst out laughing. LOL. I especially like how Mikami is walking toward the Death Note and Demegawa is backing away on the TV as if they're facing each other. That's some nice direction.

I also find it amusing how Light's seiyuu played Tamaki from Ouran Host Club and Mikami's seiyuu played Kyouya. XD

I should go catch up on Romeo x Juliet now~
Tags: anime, death note

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