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Bokurano Episode 4:

O_O I'm...kinda shocked at how much damage Zearth caused by just walking around. How many thousands of people did they kill when they fell down on the city?! Holy shit. The mecha fights are frighteningly realistic in how they affect their surroundings. And wow, Kodaka's father getting squashed. Irony to the max. And I'd be shocked at the revelation at the end if I weren't already spoiled for it. Am looking forward to a lot of DRAMA in the next episode!

Emma Second Act Episode 2:

ILSE!! ERICH!! THEO!! They're finally animated! *____* I loooooove the Molders Family, they're so CUUUTE!

The animation for this episode was beautiful, especially the Crystal Palace. I really like the new music too. I'm disappointed that Hans didn't get to wash the dishes alongside Emma and was instead just wiping the silverware, but oh well. They're giving Hans a LOT of focus anyway. Hmmm, there was some Dorothea nekkidness near the end of the episode. I'm surprised they were able to have that. What are they going to do about all her bathing scenes, I wonder? Skip over them, maybe; they're not exactly sticking close to the manga. I'm still loving this though.

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