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Re: Darker than BLACK Episode 6

Hei has just become 10 times more interesting.

Seriously, we get so much new info on Hei in this episode. *__* Here are some major points:

-He is apparently looking for Amber and his little sister (what's her name again? Bai? Pai?)

-He used to be a cold and merciless killer BEFORE he became a Contractor

-He always liked to eat a lot. And Havoc says he doesn't seem to have a payment....come to think of it, we didn't see him eat anything after he used his powers in the fight in this episode. So Hei's payment is NOT eating. Does he pay for his powers at all? And yet he's not a Moratorium? Is that even possible??

-One thing we do know for sure though, is that his power is definitely electricity.

-Hei has emotions! He gets angry, he feels sympathy, he SMILES at Havoc at one point! We see many times in this episode that he does NOT act like how a Contractor is supposed to. He helps people when he doesn't need to, seems to genuinely care for them, and even surprises November 11 by not settling to an agreement with him. There's also the fact that he seems to hate other Contractors...

-Havoc asks if he really is a Contractor. Well he still has powers...and he has a star, so....maybe Hei is just a different kind of Contractor?? Whatever it is, he's unusual. From the very beginning of the show we keep getting it drilled into our heads that Contractors are cold-blooded killers blah blah blah, and from Hei's initial behavior we become convinced of this, so now......well, I just find him fascinating now. NEED TO KNOW MORE.

Other points:

-Just how cool was it when Hei stepped out to fight November 11? *__* I cheered.

-November 11 and co. are going to stay in Japan! Yaaay!

-Havoc. D: I really grew to like her. Why did she have to get killed off dammit?! That was so sad. Stop killing people off all the time!!

-Yin held Hei's hand. O__O That was interesting. There's all this talk of how Contractors have no morals and Dolls have no souls, but Hei and Yin seem to be contradicting this a lot now...

As for the next episode preview...


Okay, so I'd heard that the next two episodes were going to be FUNNY. I've been looking forward to that because I already enjoy what little humor this show has. But this.....seems to be so OFF. O__o If it's going to be just a Cowboy Bebop level of silliness, I wouldn't mind so much but...isn't this supposed to be a DARK show? I'm feeling rather apprehensive about these episodes now...

Please, BONES. You've been doing such a lovely job with this show so far. Please don't ruin it. Please?
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