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Chapter 71 Translation GO~

I miiiight take a break later to watch the new episode of Darker than Black. :D; BACK! Divx player kept screwing up, sorry. DD:

Page 39/39 done. FINALLY FINISHED!!

Page 1
At last, the identity of the final homunculus!!
Did you say..."the First Homunculus"? What does that mean?
Just as I said.
There is no more or less meaning than that.

Page 2
You really do have quite a nerve, Lieutenant Hawkeye
Is drawing out what little information you can your ulterior motive?
How interesting
Would you like to come join our side?
You must be joking
You only want convenient human pawns, not companions
Is that so; what a shame.

Page 3
Could you please stop your useless threats
There would be no advantage to your side if you kill me now
You understand well
You know what will happen if you let this out. Your companions and Colonel Mustang will not come out unscathed.
I will always be watching you from the shadows

Page 4
(I will always be watching you from the shadows)
And so she will fear all darkness...
Chapter 71: The Crimson Man

Carve a crest of blood on Briggs...?
That's right, with our own hands.
...I don't get what you're saying.
What's that mean?

Page 5
It is the same as Ishbal.
We will kill people and carve hatred and sorrow into this earth.

Page 6
...You sure are thorough. Negotiating with a hostage right behind me
My, how shameful.
I haven't said a word about taking Miss Winry hostage
And there is one more thing you're misunderstanding
This is not a negotiation, it is an order
I am telling you to work as a State Alchemist

Page 7
Don't tell me you became a dog of the military despite not having the resolve to kill?
I have the resolve to NOT kill!!
Resolve not to kill...
Hmm...if you stick to it, that can also be truth
Kimbley-san, don't you think it's strange? What's the military trying to do by sacrificing the people?
Do you know about this and still cooperate?
I do know

Page 8
Then why are you cooperating in something so stupid
I want to see what the world is like when it changes
Resolve against resolve, will against will
Life against life, the collision of belief against belief
The side of the humans or the side of the homunculi who call themselves "evolved humans." I want to see who will win.

Page 9
What is right, what is strong, what will survive
What will the world choose.......
Apparently the law of Briggs is survival of the fittest
That is a very simple and powerful truth
In actual fact, throughout its long history, that is how the world has evolved
Species that have died out due to climate, species that have died out thanks to mankind
The Ishbalans who were brought to ruin by Amestrians. It is no different from any of these.
Even if the humans now are brought to ruin by "new humans", in the flow of the great world, they did not have the power to survive...
That is all it is.

Page 10
--Then why are you on the homunculi's side even though you're human?
Ah!! Are you a homunculus too?!
No, I'm not (how rude)
It is because they use my traits to the utmost
They use my alchemy without restrait for my own pleasure
And with back-up, on top of that
Is there such an organization on the human side?
...I can't believe you were able to pass the psychiatric interview in the State Alchemist exam
As long as I understand that I am a heretic, I can pass something formal like that by acting like an ordinary person

Page 11
That's right
I'm already aware that in this world, I am a heretic
However, if someone like me survives, that would mean the world has acknowledged me
To is surely a fight that puts one's own existence on the line
There aren't so many lives out there that are so worthwhile, Fullmetal Alchemist
I wouldn't know!
My, what a shame
I've always thought that alchemists all have an egotistic side to them
That above all things, what's at the center of the universe is themselves

Page 12
Won't you try to understand?
In that case, I'll talk to your egotistic side
You must want this so badly you can taste it
You two brothers

Page 13
The Philosopher's...
About your little brother's body
I've heard about it from His Excellency the Fuhrer
If you take on the job, I will give it to you [Don't take it Ed, you don't know where that's BEEN!!]

Page 14
Let me talk to Al...and Winry too
Miss Winry too? Why?
I haven't told her anything. I can't just keep leaving her out of the picture. [Oh Ed ♥]
She's already involved
No matter what kind of job it is, I don't want to lie and do something that's betraying her
--Very well
I'll accompany you to make sure you don't say anything unnecessary

Page 15
I'll say it straight
Right now, you're in a hostage situation
What does he mean, Al? What kind of joke is this?
Hey Ed, what is this...explain it to me!
It's not a joke
I'm being requested to work as a human weapon from above

Page 16
Right...I might have to help commit mass murder
You should just refuse something like that.....
And that's why I'm...
I hate this.....
I'm being a burden to you two...
D...d-d-d-d-d-don't cry, okay?!
I'm not crying!
I'm sorry...
I'm so frustrated at myself for not realizing this was going on and being so thoughtless

Page 17
All you two want to do is get back your bodies, but there are so many detours...
About that, if I cooperate with their plan, they say they'll give me the Philosopher's Stone
Wait a minute! But the Stone is...
Kimbley has it
Not that, I mean the Stone's ingredients.....!!
Now we can return to our original bodies
It's equivalent exchange for me becoming a human weapon

Page 18
.....Jeez, just do what you want
Yeah, I will
I've decided, Kimbley-san
The job
I'll take it on
Could you let me do the search for Scar first, please?
Saying "please" to me...
You've suddenly become so obedient

Page 19
Scar killed Winry's parents
I can't be satisfied until I find him and take revenge first
I see. So that's why you're fixated on Scar.
I understand.
And I'll take Al with me too. Because he's like that, Scar's human destruction won't work on him.
Oh really? That would be useful. this okay?
It's alright

Page 20
Brother wouldn't want to use the Philosopher's Stone to get our bodies back
It's something that uses the lives of many innocent people, so it shouldn't be used by someone who lost his body at his own convenience
Right now we're trying to see if there's a possibility of getting our original bodies back in the eastern Rentanjutsu
Brother is probably only pretending to chase Scar while chasing after the Rentanjutsu girl
He fooled Kimbley with the convincing reason that Scar is your parents' enemy
Sorry, Winry
It's like we used Uncle and Auntie for our own convenience...
It's okay
Right now you're the ones living, so you're more important [Aw, Winry ♥]

Page 21
Thank you
Well then
Now I need to think up a convincing reason too
So you're saying I should give you command of the search for Scar, and on top of that let the Elric Brothers out of prison and make them accompany you?
What authority do you have to do such a thing on your own

Page 22
The Fuhrer personally gave me the order
Do you have some complaint?
...No, if it's what His Excellency says, I have no complaint
Take the brothers and go
Thank you, Major General Armstrong
Then I will borrow some soldiers and the brothers
Ahh, that's right
Is Lieutenant General Raven still missing?
I was thinking that I should report it to Central pretty soon

Page 23
Is that right
I give you my best regards
Is it really all right to hand over the command of the search for Scar?
If it's the Fuhrer's order, I have no choice
And if things go well, Scar and Kimbley will fall in mutual destruction
Miles, you accompany them too
This is still information I haven't given to Kimbley
According to the mountain guard soldiers, it seems there is a possibility that the girl has joined with Scar

Page 24
Tell the brothers
"Give Scar to Kimbley as he wishes"
"Bring the Rentanjutsu girl here"
"As secretly as you can"
For the time being, let's go a little east of here to Bazkuul
That's where Scar was last witnessed
We can start the search there
Very well

Page 25
I'll leave the small details to you, but I will be taking supreme command
I understand
Ooookay, move over a little there!
Wh...why are you here!
It's so narrow! Al, move over a little more!
Miss Winry, would you please wait at the fortress. We aren't going out to have fun.
I know that!

Page 26
Didn't we change Ed's automail to the northern-use?
This is my first time making northern-use automail, and it would be a problem if it malfunctions
If I don't come along for maintenance, I'll worry.....
I always guarantee perfect aftercare!
If I just put it on and go "There, it's over!", then if something were to happen, it would put a blemish on the Rockbell name!
You really are eager about your job! You always get so stupid over it! [I need to think over this line some more....but way to go, Ed! You know that's what Kimbley likes about her >D]
Of course! I take pride in this job!
My family's been in this business since my great-grandpa's generation!!
Very well, I understand. I'll allow you to come along.
Darius. Please get in Miss Winry's car.

Page 27
Normally, we would have you be quiet and stay behind at the fortress!!
I...I'm sorry
I do know my place
But...but I don't want to just be waiting
Even if just for a little bit, I want to stay by their side...
I'm so.....sorry.......

Page 28
Uh...urm, if you stay quiet, that'll be fine. Well...see! Yeah!
Winry-chan left~~
Our precious female element~~~~
Her elegance~~~~
The fortress lost its flower~~~~
If you want a female element, there's the boss
Someone scary like that isn't a female~~~~~
This morning, someone resembling Scar was witnessed going into here
It's quite vast
It used to be a mining town. There are plenty of places to hide.
It'll be tough to find him

Page 29
Andrew's party will go from C3, Benjamin's party from C5.
How about Charlie's party and Mr. Kimbley wait on standby
Very well. Please contact us if you find Scar
We will accompany the Elric Brothers
Yeah, yeah
(Kimbley's they're going to be watching over us)

Page 30
(Now then)
(How are we going to lose these guys...)
AH!! There's a person's shadow!!
Over here, over here!
Wait a minute!!
If you don't hurry, he'll get away!!
I said wait!!

Page 31
Where did they go?
Maybe they went this way?
Okay, let's go
Don't lose them!
We were able to...
lose them.....
this is.....

Page 32
It's gonna be impossible to find them unless they come to us first.....
Don't tell me....they're really going to.....

Page 33
What are you doing way out here?
Mei!! You surprised me!! Thank goodness, I was really able to meet you!
Thank goodness?
Really able to meet me?
(Could Alphonse-sama have chased after me all the way to this snowy land.....?)
Wait wait--
I wanted to meet you (to ask you about Rentanjutsu)!!
I wanted to meet you I wanted to meet you I wanted to meet you

Page 34
Me too...
That's right
Kyaaaa what do you want?!
Doesn't matter, just come!!
Oh dear, are you after me too?! Ahh, brothers fighting over love!!
What are you talking about?!
I can't, Edward-san, you are not my type!!
Shut up!!
Hey Al, I bumped my head
Ah, sorry, sorry
Gasp! Alphonse-sama, who is that woman?!

Page 35
How cruel!! Even though you already have a woman like me!!
No, no, no, she's just my childhood friend so......wait, why am I making excuses like a two-timing guy?!
Mei Chan, are you alright?!
I heard you scream...
AH------?!! The Elric Brothers?!
Eh?! Who's this old guy?!
I can't blame you for not realizing. It's me, it's me.
Ah!! That voice...
Doctor Marcoh?! Why are you here?!
That's my line
AH------?!! The Elric Brothers?!
Eh?! Who's this old guy?

Page 36
I won't let you say you forgot!!
We forgot
You don't remember what happened at the Youswell coal mine in the east?!
Did we know someone this seedy-looking at Youswell, Brother?
Don't call Yoki-sama seedy-looking!!
So who are you?
Miss Winry is gone?
What are you doing?!
I...I'm sorry
She disappeared when we were unloading the equipment
Looks like we've got another person to search for
Two people from Charlie's party, come with me
Major Miles
I know
If we find Scar, we should let you know, right?

Page 37
(Not here either)
(There aren't any decent goods anywhere)
So you're Scar

Page 38
The northern army has sharp noses
Unfortunately, we're the Central army
Come. Kimbley-sama is waiting.
Do you think only the two of you could make me do anything
No way. We don't think two ordinary humans could match you
If we were ordinary humans, that is

Page 39
Chimeras, huh?
No going easy on them! Scar's right arm growls!!
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  • My tweets

    Thu, 18:08: RT @ _AlexHirsch: Even if you knew *nothing else* about the two parties, the fact that one is trying to make it easier to vote and…

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    Wed, 14:25: RT @ KP11Studios: The ultimate Isekai premise XD Wed, 14:50: Honestly, this is so inspiring.…

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    Mon, 14:02: RT @ DanPriceSeattle: Billionaire wealth is now up 70% in the pandemic. That's an extra $2.1 trillion. Meanwhile the entire "too…