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Re: Heroes Episode 21


I think this is the first time that I've felt interested in everyone's storylines. Seriously. OMG.

-SYLAR. I thought it was fascinating how he called Mohinder. He didn't want to kill everybody. Just WOW. And his mother! OMG I felt SORRY for him. The scenes with his mother were just SO GOOD. WOW.

-Hiro and Ando. SJFudsghsuigha I was screaming and squirming in my seat for them the whole episode. Seeing them stalking Sylar....and Hiro's confrontation with Sylar at the end....THE SWORD. AHHHH HIRO. ;___;

-Mohinder and Molly = AWWWWWW. Yay Mohinder, you're being pretty cool right now!

-Micah = Smart kid! But I hate that lady. D< I thought her power was shape-shifting but it's apparently creating illusions instead?

-Nicki/Jessica and DL. Yeah, I think this is the first time I'm interested in their storyline. Somehow I liked seeing them working together finally. And wtf, their whole lives was just some experiment by Linderman?

-Peter and Claire. I still really like their relationship, but now in an uncle/niece way. :D Poor Claire. And it seems like Peter's finally got things figured out and is taking responsibility. I like that. No more emo!Peter, then?

-Nathan. You know....I feel sorry for him, too. D: And now I hate his mother. WTF, woman!

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