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Darker than BLACK Episode 5:

November 11 ♥! Now you know it's a spy show if the MI6 is involved. XD I am so, so, so amused by November 11's payment for his contract. He has to smoke but he HATES IT. He's like *lights cigarette, looks cool for a moment until suddenly COUGH HACK GAG* XDD And I love the ringtone for his cellphone OMG. XD

I also started laughing when Huang and Mao were talking near the end. It just looked so bizarre, an old guy and a cat sitting next to each other discussing business. This show wins for having so many quirky characters. XD

Hmm, Hei seems to have his own agenda aside from what the organization wants (he takes Havoc away without letting the rest of his group know). So he's searching for his little sister? Then who the heck is this Amber girl we keep seeing everywhere? :/

The latest episode of Heroes confused me muchly. So much time travel and characters switching sides constantly and dead people apparently still alive and sfoisahjfdusgh. Too much confusion for one episode. Also, Peter has turned into Neo from The Matrix. And Hiro/Ando is practically canon.

I'm kinda disturbed by the fact that Junko Minagawa is playing the kid who's mean to his sister in Bokurano, because there were times that he sounded just like Thoma in episode 3. D: And WTF fansubbers, she said "keimusho," not "game show"! "They're going to put us in prison" and "They're going to put us on a game show" are two very different things! *rant*
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