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Rapsblüte no Yoru

Translation of Goma's report here for my post here.

Ahiru seems to be swimming on the river during a night with a beautiful moon

It's been a while since then, and every day I'm happy.
It's fun talking with my bird friends, and Madam Pelican is a little noisy,'s fun.
And besides......whenever I look up, Fakir is always there.

Ahiru: "I've come all the way to Gold Crown Academy....somehow I feel like dancing."

Saying that, Ahiru climbs onto the bank and is surprised to find the whole surface covered with rape blossoms.

Ahiru: "Gwak!!"

Autor: "Oh? What's this?"

It seems he stepped on Ahiru..

Ahiru: "Gwakgwak!!"
Ahiru protests.

Autor: "Oh it's you, Ahiru-kun...isn't Fakir with you?"
Autor backs away as Ahiru tries to talk to him.

Autor: "Sorry, but could you not get so close? I'll start sneezing from my bird allergies."
(The mystery of his dislike of birds is solved.)

Ahiru: "Charon-san and Raetsel-san had a child so Fakir went to the celebration."

Autor: "I the way, did you come to see the Night of Rapsblüte too?"

Ahiru: "Rap..Rapsblüte?"

Ahiru asks curiously.

Ahiru: "Rapsblüte are rape blossoms, right?"

Here, Autor goes Hnph! with his nose as if making fun of her.
Autor: "The Night of Rapsblüte is when once every 50 years, all the rape blossoms bloom simultaneously on a night of the full moon. According to what I've researched in the library, in the records of a student from 50 years ago, there is an eye-witness account."

Ahiru heaves a sigh (lol)
Autor: "And tonight, the weather, the date, everything matches with the past data!"
Autor is full of confidence.

"Besides that, you're in the music department so maybe you should be studying piano instead..."
Ahiru mutters.

Autor: "Did you say something?"

Ahiru: "Huh? Autor can understand me."

Hnph, he laughs at her with his nose again.
Autor: "Anything can happen tonight and it wouldn't be strange."

Ahiru: "The moon is so pretty..."

(Here, a man wearing a mask of the moon appears from's a great hit in the assembly)

Autor: "What's that? An onion?"
Ahiru: "!!"

Uzura: "Ho~ Ahiru zura~"
*Tototon* (her drum)

Ahiru: "Uzura-chan!!"
Ahiru: "Uzura-chan! Where were you?"

Uzura: "I've been wandering the interval of time with the old man zura."

Ahiru: "By the old man do you mean Drosselmyer-san? Then where's Drosselmyer-san?"

<--(Autor's switch is on)
Uzura: "The old man is busy with updating the site zura, sorry he's so irresponsible zura."
(Here, Director Satou is rolling with laughter.)

Autor: "Why didn't you bring him with you?!"
Clearly, his Drosselmyer otaku switch is on lol

Uzura: "One more is coming zura."

Autor: "One more?"
Mytho: ".......Tutu."

Ahiru: "Mytho!!"

(I can never forget Ahiru's sad voice here)

Mytho: "It's been a while...."
Uzura: "He was dancing on the balcony so I brought him zura."

(....At your own pace as usual, Prince.)
Autor: "Prince Siegfried from the story!! Myu...Mytho-san."
(He sounds as emotional as if he were meeting Drosselmyer.)

Mytho: "Are you Fakir's friend...?"
Autor: "I'm Autor!"
Mytho: "You were the one who helped Fakir? Thank you..."

(How does he know..)
Autor: "No! It was an honor." (only dimly remember)

Mytho: "If I remember correctly, during our ballet lessons you were asked by Neko-sensei to accompany us on piano."
Autor: "Yes, I was asked to accompany you on piano by Neko-sensei 11 times, and I passed by you with Neko-sensei in the hall 27 times."

(Jeez, Autor's in high spirits (lol))

Mytho: "Fakir sometimes sees cows and alligators flying in the sky, so I'm worried. Could you take care of Fakir?"
Autor: "Yes!! Mytho-san, please leave him to me."

(He's been left to him without having a say, Fakir's in a pinch (lol))

Ahiru: "Mytho? How is Rue-chan?"
Mytho: "Rue is doing well."

Mytho: "It seems Rue is good at singing too and she's a popular princess among the people."
Autor: "Rue-san?"

Uzura: "Mytho is rabu-rabu with Rue zura~"
Autor: "Could you be quiet for a while..."
His voice is lacking energy and sounds like he might cry
(He knows they're rivals in that okay?)

Ahiru: "Thank goodness... Mytho. "The Concluding Volume of The Prince and the Raven" got published. It's not a story without an end anymore."
Ahiru: "And also, soon Fakir's going to dance an all-male version of La Sylphide with Matthew Bourne-sensei's choreography!"

Mytho: "Fakir....I always feel like I'm connected with Fakir..the more my country becomes peaceful, I can feel him close by."

(It's...mostly dim recollection. Just the nuance of it.)

Ahiru: "Mytho...."
"You should meet Fakir! He's coming back then.."

Mytho: "I can't..I can only come here because the interval of time is connected tonight..see, the moon is already sinking this much."

(The man playing the moon sinks down (lol) The assembly bursts into laughter again)
"I see..."

Mytho: "Princess Tutu.....thanks to you, I can be like this. Thank you."
Ahiru: "I wanted to see you smile, so my wish is already granted."
(only dimly remember)

Mytho: "Princess Tutu, I wanted to be with you longer. I wanted to talk with you like this me, you are the light....because you are someone very special..."
(?? Mytho/Ahiru?)

Mytho: "But, I have to protect Rue. Rue needs me...."
(I'm sorry, it's completely out of memory...because I was so overwhelmed..(lol) I should take my reeling in moderation)

Mytho: " have done so much for me, but I couldn't do anything for you."
"Is there something I can do for you, Tutu?"

Ahiru: "......Mytho! I.........."
"No, nevermind..."

(Ahiru sounds incredibly sad)

Mytho: "It's almost time..."
"See you again....Tutu...."

(Jeez..I don't remember any of it)

Ahiru: "Can we meet again?"
Mytho: "Surely we will meet again..."
Mytho (or is it Yanagi-san? lol): "We can meet again, when Sakurai-kun is here."

(The assembly explodes with laughter)

Mytho recites something in German.

"Waaao!!" <--(Uzura)

Here, Mytho says his never-ending feelings for Tutu (if someone remembers this part please tell me~)
And at the end,

Mytho: ".......Ahiru."

Ahiru: "I get the feeling I heard Mytho's voice at the end."

I am a duck....I can't wear toe shoes, I can't dance.. (I'm sorry, I don't remember) But inside my chest there is a sparkling gem that will never be broken.

The end.

Tags: fandom, princess tutu, translation

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