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Juushin Enbu Chapter 4 SQUEEE

I have been waiting for a chapter like this! PLOT DEVELOPMENT YESSSSSS!

I'm gonna make a more spoilery post later on, but some thoughts on the chapter:

-Taitou's dream is OMG. I'm kinda disappointed in its predictability, but at the same time Taitou has become more interesting now.

-Ryuukou worrying for him AWWWWW. D:

-Housei is still traveling with them YES!

-Housei's master is awesome. XDDD I was expecting her to be scary like Izumi, but instead.... XDDDD

-Finally Mr. Scarface Tonrou's name is revealed! Keirou! And he's a general of the imperial army!

-The Xia Dynasty fell because of the fight between Tonrou and Hagun?! *needs to research this!*


EDIT: I decided to post my picspam/summary here instead.
Tags: juushin enbu, manga

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