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Re: Darker than BLACK Episode 3

I am loving this show so much. *__*

WTF is with those flowers? Is that how Contractors are born?? And that opening scene was creepy.

Why is Li/Hei so fun to watch? Even when he's just doing mundane things like doing laundry, cooking, taking out the trash, and going to work??

I'm starting to suspect his powers are making girls fall in love with him in less than a day. Or electricity. Either one is a good argument.

Speaking of which, this show is doing a very good job of making the female character-of-the-day interesting and sympathetic, even if their fate is to be killed off in two episodes or something. I grow to actually like these people.

Mao is seriously awesome. HISSSS GROWL.

That one Contractor's payment for his powers was to fold pages of books! He carries around a bag full of books with him! LMAO.

Next episode we get to see the mask again~

EDIT: Oh wow, the 3rd episode of Romeo x Juliet is really good too. I'm starting to like Romeo better now.
Tags: anime, darker than black

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