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Chapter 70 Translation

Hahaha sorry, it's taken me a long time to calm down enough to make this post. XD; And technically, I should not be translating right now (or any time this week) because of all my papers/projects but....sfhjousdhgdhugd. Dammit Arakawa!!

So I'm just gonna translate my favorite scenes first and do the rest tomorrow (hopefully?). 8D

Finished pages: 1-42
FINALLY DONE! Scanlation should be coming soon! ♥

Page 1
Winry, who was called over to Briggs. What lies behind the polite hospitality is...
They're so stiff and formal
I hope someone comes to pick me up soon

Page 2
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting
My name is Zolf J. Kimbley
This is your luggage?
Ah...! Thank you very much
Miss Rockbell, aren't you from Risembool?
Eh? You know?
I heard from His Excellency the Fuhrer
Young lady
Your parents were a husband and wife team of doctors who lost their lives in Ishbal, weren't they?

Page 3
My party was the one that took house of your parents' bodies
We were just unable to make it in time. When my party reached the scene, the Ishbalans had already......
...I see
They obeyed the ethics of medicine and carried out their will to the very end
I would have liked to meet them while they were still alive

Page 4
A photograph
They had a cherished photograph that showed them with their cute daughter
That girl was you, wasn't it? *smile*
I am honored to meet you, Miss Winry Rockbell
Chapter 70: The First Homunculus

Page 5
If you're going north, you should at least tell me!
I couldn't help it, we were in a hurry
You two are always in a hurry!
And why are you in jail anyway? Be straight and tell me what you did
Uh, well, various things...
It's a mere mistake

Page 6
Please don't worry, Miss Winry. Mr. Fullmetal Alchemist will be let out right away
I'll go through the procedures later
Thank you, Mister Kimbley!!
No, no
Thank goodness....please look after these guys
Don't trust Kimbley too much
Eh? Why? He's a nice, gentlemanly person. He was really sympathetic toward my parents too
Gentlemanly...? From what I heard about him in Ishbal...

Page 7
I can only give a personal account
(Personal account.....that's right)
(In the end, what I heard about Ishbal is only the Lieutenant's personal account...)
(The Lieutenant's......wait...)
You love Winry-chan don't you~
Don't you~
Don't you~
Don't you~
FUOOOOOO!!!!! I remembered something unnecessary!!
Hey, what are you doing in the middle of maintenance?!
(Calm down...calm down, Edward Elric!!)
(Concentrate your mind...think of something else.....concentrate!!)
...Did you hit your head?

Page 8
(...It's no use)
...Why did I fall for someone so weird
Ah? Did you say something?
It's nothing at ALL!!
You...tell me when you're connecting the nerves.....!!
Okay, your leg is next

Page 9
It's light!
It kinda makes me uneasy. If it's this light, will the strength be okay?
Yup. Compared to the automail before, the overall strength will go down, but the important parts are reinforced
If you're worried, want to put on shin guards?
You can change your shoes too

Page 10
Why are you out of jail?
Well, maybe this is what you'd call the power of a State Alchemist?
So now you're being refit for the north
And you've gotten a refitting too?
MMPH!! Light-battle-use automail, M-1910 revision "Mad Bear GREAT"!!!
This fits me the best after all!!
Uwaa amazing!! Only the tips of the nails are reinforced!! Don't tell me it's made with diamond?!
Hey Ed, want to put on something like this too?!
I'll pass
I can understand as well

Page 11
Mm? What? The Fullmetal Alchemist's mechanic?
This cute girl?
Waaa~ a girl
I felt pissed off
That's horrible
Wowww, just like I thought, northern automail is so interesting~<3
Then do you want to see my workplace?
Kyaa~<3 Please show meee <3

Page 12
Don't go loitering around just because you're having fun
...There's lots of dangerous things inside the fortress
Yeah, got it
This time I came to study the know-how of northern-use automail along with the business trip
You don't get many chances to see northern technology in person

Page 13
[uhhhhh I'm gonna skip the technobabble for now X_x ]
Just like her parents, she's very eager about her job
She is very much my type
Old man!
Ahh, no need to worry
I am not into lolicon
Thanks to Miss Winry, your refitting has been finished without incident

Page 14
I, too, am relieved
Let's talk about work
Mr. Fullmetal Alchemist

Page 15
Why aren't you letting me out?
It's on Kimbley-sama's orders
We've been told to only let the Fullmetal Alchemist out for now
(Dammit...they sure are thorough by not letting us move together...)
(They're not just warning us about Winry, they're going to the trouble of bringing her right in front of our eyes for emphasis, as if saying "She's in our hands")

Page 16
(.....That's just how much they see us as people who can't be left alone)
(I can't be impatient...I have to watch for a chance...)
The provisions the advance party took are three days' worth
Now that it's been one week...
Just barely in time

Page 17
If push comes to shove, they can eat the horses too
What's most worrisome is their mental health
Spending a week in the darkness, any normal human would....
Let's believe in their strength of will
We'll take a transmitter just in case, but the advance party's radio couldn't get across
So don't get your hopes up
Should we use a wired radio?
No, it wouldn't be good if "whatever is underground" finds this place by following the line
Major General Armstrong

Page 18
We have no idea what's going on deep in the tunnel or if there may be something waiting for us
If 24 hours pass and we still haven't come back
Please abandon us
It would be enough for you to close the hole and pretend you don't know anything
Got it
I'll do that

Page 19
Everyone, I'll tell you now
What I did to Lieutenant General Raven was by my own judgement
All of you saw nothing and heard nothing
If what I did is exposed, put all the blame on me
You must abandon me
...Aye, Ma'am

Page 20
Over here
Let's go

Page 21
I see. It seems the north is becoming rather dangerous too.
Yes. From now on, we have to take the initiative.
That's why she hurried to get in contact with you.
If she has the sturdy soldiers of Briggs ready, couldn't she do well enough without having to join with the eastern army?
No can do
Briggs is a group proficient at self defense
They may say "Win by taking initiative," but those are words used by those who excel at both offense and defense
Teaming up with the eastern army which is proficient at "attack" would be best--
--is what Olivier-sama is thinking

Page 22
The northern army and the eastern army have had joint practice sessions before, and we had a tough time against their defensive power.
As expected
The Northern Cliff of Briggs is calm even in grasping her own abilities
And what an honor it is to be selected as her tag partner! hahahah
No, what Olivier-sama wants is only the strength of the eastern army. Rather, she says Mustang should just disappear.
Oh really
Here ya go. I've wrapped up all the flowers.
.....I'd like to ask one thing. What would she do if I were to sell this information to the Fuhrer for protection?
"There's no way." "Mustang is not that kind of man." Is what she'd say.
Here now, the price of the flowers is 35,200 cenz

Page 23
I'm honored
Who are you?
A flower-selling granny who's served the Armstrong family through the generations
Come by again sometime
...You know, Hughes
It turns out the only people who would understand and support me are fellow soldiers who've fought with me before

Page 24
...What to do with these flowers
What's that
How uncool
What an awful stench
It's the same as Smith's arm
Even the metal is cut clean through

Page 25
Dammit...this is hopeless
Be careful. The enemy might be about

Page 26
Hey, they're alive.....
It's okay
Do you understand? It's me
Se...Second Lieutenant Henschel?
Ah.....ohh...they've come to save us.....
It's good that you've survived. It was worthwhile coming to save you
Is it only you two? Are there any others?
The others...others...
There were some that were alive, but on the way...
They...passed away...
They were all in pieces...

Page 27
......Let's take them all back
Hurry.....we have to hurry and get out of here...!!
It will come.....
We can't have light...the shadow will...
The shadow will come...!!
What do you mean, 'it'? Is it the enemy?

Page 28
calm down
Hey, get a hold of yourself

Page 29
Can you stand?
Let's go
Carry as much as you can

Page 30
*knock knock*
(Ahh, there are always so many guards standing around the Fuhrer, it makes me nervous)
Excuse me
Come in
(I can't get used to it)

Page 31
Who is it?
I apologize for coming so late at night. I'm First Lieutenant Hawkeye, the Fuhrer's personal assistant.
I've come to deliver some urgent documents to His Excellency.
Oh my, you're working even this late
We would like for him to look over this by tomorrow
I'm sorry, my husband is out right now
By tomorrow? I understand, I'll look after it.
Thank you very much...

Page 32
Selim, you were awake?
I heard noises at the front door so I thought Father might have come home
Selim, this person is his assistant, First Lieutenant Hawkeye
Good evening, Lieutenant Hawkeye
Pleased to meet you

Page 33
Are you working even at this hour?
Thank you for the trouble
Yes, I came to deliver urgent documents to the Fuhrer.
I'm sorry for waking you up. I'll be leaving right away.
...You're leaving right away
What a shame
Come, Selim-sama, you must rest
You'll oversleep tomorrow
Selim really does love his father
I wonder if he wants to be in the military in the future
Your son is very wise
Hohoho, isn't he? He's my pride and joy

Page 34
If he were our son by blood, whenever I brag I'd be told "don't get carried away in doting on him," but since he's adopted I can brag as much as I want!
I'm kidding <3
Does his friendly nature come from your side of the family?
Oh, Selim comes from my husband's side
He's your distant relation.....isn't he?
That child is a distant relative from my husband's side
Come now, don't stay in such a cold place. Please have some tea inside until my husband returns.

Page 35
I only came to deliver the documents, so I'll be going now
Oh really? What a shame
(According to the Colonel, King Bradley was raised as an experiment since his infancy and did not have any relatives)
(If you think from after he became a homunculus, it's not even a matter of distant relations.....)
(He doesn't have a single relative!!)
(And that feeling I had earlier...)
(That was...)
(That child is...)

Page 36
Have you realized it?
What a problem
Mother just loves to talk

Page 37
...Just earlier, I felt a strange bloodlust
I'd felt it before...but I could not remember where
But now that you stand behind me, I remember it clearly
It is the feeling I had when that homunculus known as "Gluttony" stood behind me
Selim Bradley
Just what are you?

Page 38
You have quite the nerve in asking about my identity in these circumstances, Lieutenant Hawkeye
And that you've not drawn your gun is also a good decision
With your skill, you cannot win against me
And if you stay quiet, I will not make a move either
I am thankful for that
And? Are you a homunculus like Gluttony?
...No, I feel a pressure coming from you that cannot be compared to Gluttony
Right. Indeed, I am like Gluttony, but
It is unthinkable for me to be thought of as the same level as him

Page 39
I am "the First Homunculus"
My name is "Pride"

Page 40
Work, you say?
What do you mean
Why, of course I mean that you'll be working as a State Alchemist
I refuse
...though I guess that wouldn't pass

Page 41
The Fuhrer's given three orders. Incidentally, you are to work along with me on all of them.
Number one
Search for Scar, who is thought to have escaped north
You are only to find him. My job is to settle the affair.
Number two
Also search for Marcoh, for there is a possibility that he's running with Scar
You only need to find him as well, and the rest is my job.
And number three
Here, on Briggs

Page 42
You are to carve a crest of blood
The cursed plan begins to move!!

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