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Re: RomeoxJuliet & Darker than BLACK Episode 1


Wow. I am impressed. Animation was amazing, though it seems to get worse in the second episode from what I can see in the next episode preview. Music was great too. I also like the setting and little things like the "Otello" posters and William the playwrite. 9_9 Romeo's a bit boring so far, but I adore Juliet. She's cute and kickass! I'll try not to get too emotionally attached though, in case it ends like the play. I mean, there's all this foreshadowing with people describing love as "something you wouldn't mind dying for" and stuff.

Darker than BLACK:

I'm not going to lie- my favorite thing about this is Hei. xD; He is eyecandy to me. I find him unbearably cute as Li and then his eyes go dark and suddenly he's badass. Me like! The music is nice too, though nothing really sticks out yet. I'm interested in seeing what's up with the Contractors. And more Mao plz. D:

Other Spring anime....I want to watch Bokurano too. The promo makes it look awesome, and people keep comparing the story to Ender's Game. As for Lucky Star, I saw the OP and it irritated the hell out of me, so I won't be watching it. :/
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