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I haven't been posting much, have I? I've been either too busy or too lazy these days. Like yesterday I was very productive, but today I've barely done anything. >.>;;

And TOMORROW. CLASS REGISTRATION. Every time I hope that it will go smoothly, but you know how that always turns out. So don't be surprised if you find a series of stressed out posts from me in the morning. But for now, this is what I've got planned:

-History 112 (Taking it over again. Thankfully, there are two classes still open...out of three. And they're both at 8 AM. WTF PEOPLE, WHY ONLY THREE CLASSES?! I already have enough trouble waking up for my 10 AM class!)
-Adolescent Literature (I am so looking forward to this. ♥ Still open at the moment, and if it closes before I can register, I will be heartbroken.)
-Prose Writing (Yes, I am finally getting into my major! Two classes still open!)
-Reading Literature ('s required. Three classes still open!)

For my 5th class, I wanted to take Women, Gender, & Culture (another Anthropology class), but it's already closed. ;__; So I don't know what to do for my 5th class. Maybe I'll keep waiting for someone to drop it? There's not many other Anthropology classes that I haven't already taken, and some are being taught by Dr. Griffin (my current Anthropology professor).

But....Dr. Griffin is going to Iraq. Uh??? Then why is he still offering classes?? I'm so confused. Well, also worried. About the Iraq thing. But I've always thought that they should bring some anthropologists over there so I'm also feeling pride that he's going. And a whole lot of respect. But also confusion because UHHH WHAT ABOUT MY MINOR WHY IS HE STILL OFFERING CLASSES??

Also, I have a presentation on the Odyssey due tomorrow in Mythology. However, two of my group members were not present in class on Monday when the project was assigned. So they don't know what we're doing and I have no way of contacting them. So we've yet to plan anything. not going to be possible. :/ But it's mostly the professor's fault for assigning a project a couple days before it's due on a weekday when we've all got papers/book reports/research projects going on at the same time.
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