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OMG I got the Fantastic Children "Borabora-sama kara no okurimono" CD today! I'm listening to it now and it is SO CUTE. The Dialogue parts have Thoma, Chitto, and Helga having fun on Kokkuri Island again after the end of the series. SO CUTE. But WTF, WHY DO CHITTO AND HELGA HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A RADIO IS?!? XDD IT'S FRIGGIN YEAR 2012!

The new Origa songs are so nice too. *__*

Oh yes, I also got the Princess Tutu anime guidebooks. I wish I had time to go through and read them, but for now I'll just look at the pictures. The cover illustrations are so pretty. And I know I said I wouldn't buy anything more until I get a job, but these things are the only merchandise (other than the DVDs) I'll likely ever find for both Fantastic Children and Princess Tutu, so. I couldn't help myself. >_>;
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