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Guess what, I'm an idiot

I completely forgot about the Housing Lottery. Apparently I was supposed to turn in the contract and $250 last week. Completely slipped my mind. The whole thing confuses me. I was barely able to get a room last year, and now we're supposed to register online, which confuses me even further. At this rate I'm going to have nowhere to live next semester.

I should probably go to the Housing Office sometime.....this week. When I can find the time. I have like three papers due this week sfhjsdughuhfgsdg.

Well...the good news is that I finally declared my major and minor today. And I signed up for a meeting with my new advisor. I'm gonna sign up for classes and have nowhere to live ahaha!

......I should probably look into off-campus housing, just in case. And apply for a job at Borders. Tonight.
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