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Full Metal Alchemist Episode 36

OMG, there are so many things to think about in this episode. I'll have to watch it again later to let it all sink in. First of all, a lot of political commentary and talk about prejudice. Ed starts messing with the military's plans (despite the fact that he's part of it himself XD), we learn more about the Ishbal people's connection with alchemy, and Winry finally leaves.
Which is a good thing. Even Ed and Al admit that she's starting to get in the way. But it seems that this won't be the last we'll see of her. Now that she knows who killed her parents...ohhh boy, Roy is in trouble. Bring on the angst!
Seriously, this looks bad. I don't like anime!Winry all that much, but I really felt bad for her. After Hawkeye gave her "someone I must protect" speech, Winry was like "But what if that person isn't worth protecting?" And when she found out Hughes died for him...Roy is in BIG, BIG TROUBLE.
But anyway, we finally got back to what happened between the military and the Ishbal citizens. Jeez, there I was gasping at what looked like the beginning of another massacre, and then we're all caught up in the Greed/Wrath fiasco for 4 episodes (plus 1 Lust filler). I'm just glad Roy didn't roast anyone this time. That would have been very bad.
But WTF with Scar. First he's all "Alchemy is EVIL! I must kill all State Alchemists!" and then "Okay, Elric Bros., I still want to kill you but now I have some sympathy" and now he's like "Well I'm an exile anyway, so now I must make the Philosophers's Stone!" But still, he's such a cool character, and I'm looking forward to seeing him again. ^_^
The theme for this episode seemed to be prejudice. Whether because of skin/eye color or the use of alchemy, there's hate between groups of races and within groups of races as well. It's all quite realistic, when you think about it, and reflects modern times well. Ed made lot's of good points about the subject. I might quote him later on. ^^
And Ed has a little monologue about having to kill people. Man, I just knew that Greed incident would traumatize him (even more than he already is).
War, death, religion, science, sin, hate, this show is just filled with controversial topics and shocking plot twists, yet it still manages to tell a gripping story with original, endearing characters. I'm loving every second of it.

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