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I'm not feeling ranty about anything; this is just my only Thoma icon

We finished watching Fantastic Children at Anime Club tonight! Overall, I think it got a good reaction. The highlight of my evening was when a girl threw her arms up in the air and said "Yes!" when the episode title The Truth About Thoma came up. XD

I was surprised by the amount of giggling during these episodes though; probably because Fantastic Children has a lot of those long, drawn out dramatic moments that seem funny when you're watching something in a group. There was a scene in episode 24 that I found hilarious tonight, whereas other times I was usually too shocked or crying my eyes out to laugh at it. XD

But everyone was dead silent during the first half of episode 26. That was great. I also liked seeing John, Dan, and Kevin going "OMG!!" over the spoilery back cover of the sixth DVD before we started the meeting. XD Actually...I think this is the first time I've seen people look so eager to find out what happens next... Like for the past year, we've been showing mostly action/comedy shows, and I just think it was nice to have a plot-heavy anime for a change. For the people that came, the enthusiasm was high.

There were also some details that stuck out for me this time. Of course, I notice more things every time I rewatch it. This time I really appreciated how well Hesma's death scene played out. And when he was falling, and Thoma was telling him to grab his hand, after a few moments Hesma finally looks at him and says "Thoma..." And he moves to grab Thoma's hand, but by then it's too late...

I was reminded of how Hesma was saying that he never let himself grow close to humans, and that was his pride... But before his final moments, he reached out to Thoma. Hesma always treated humans with disdain, but the way he looked at Thoma right then and said his was the first time he put trust in a human... ;__;

Also, I've come up with a crack pairing. Thoma/Soreto. O_o It's like... In episode 26, Thoma wakes up and the first thing he sees is Soreto's face. And they talk a little, like:

Soreto: So you're Seth-sama.
Thoma: Yeah. ...You were sitting there this whole time?
Soreto: Yes.

Then they just sit there smiling at each other for a while until Chitto comes in. I dunno, it just...stuck out to me. o_o;; And now I remember, back in episode 15 (I think?), when Thoma freaks out after seeing Serafine's painting in the Clairmont Sanitorium, Soreto was the only one who noticed. She was like "Are you okay?" and put a hand on his shoulder. Btw, I always find it amusing how, whenever Thoma has his freak out moments, everyone's just like "WTF? ...Okay, moving on!"

.....I dunno, I think it could be cute! >_>;; Of course, even if Thoma and Soreto Flo were to meet in the future, Flo wouldn't know him anymore. Thoma might though? I don't think the fact that his past life memories will go away when he becomes 12 would have any effect on his memories of everything that happened...

....But I still ship Aghi/Soreto! >_> Aghi/Soreto has quite a lot of evidence and I totally imagine them meeting up as Ian and Flo someday. ....But if that doesn't work out, I can imagine Thoma/Flo too, I guess. Maybe. Or maybe this is just my subconscious wish to see Thoma falling for another girl so he could get over Helga.

OH YEAH. I totally suggested putting Princess Tutu on the ballot for the next anime we're watching. XD Since Fantastic Children went so well for the Monday Meetings, I think it might actually have a chance of winning.
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