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Chapter 69 Translation in progress~

After finally watching the whole first DVD of Le Chevalier D'Eon, I couldn't help but notice the similarities between Lia and Olivier. What with the sword, the hair, the general badassery and slicing of people's limbs.....great, now I'm going to imagine Olivier talking with Lia's voice.

Page 39/41 done.

Page 1
Ahh yeah, suspicious, isn't he? Though they say they're here to research transmutation of living bodies
You mean Drachma's biological weapon, right? That big thing
The Elric Brothers were helping it out, weren't they?
They won't talk, so we've put them in jail
They definitely know something about that huge thing
They're Drachma's spies!!
Please hurry and take them away and put them on trial in Central!!
Raven, who approaches the imprisoned Ed. What are his intentions...?!

Page 2
Strongest Bond, Absolute Trust
Chapter 69: The Foundation Stone of Briggs

Page 3
I'm Raven from Central
I've heard the story from His Excellency the Fuhrer
(The higher-ups are all corrupt)
It seems you haven't said anything unnecessary to the people here
Well yeah...we promised

Page 4
You seem discontent
Well of course. After you've even taken a hostage, it would be weird for me not to be unhappy
You probably don't understand because you're a child
But you must look at the bigger picture
What we are trying to do is for the sake of this, for the sake of the world
You should feel pride in being able to participate in this plan
Of course, now you may feel you're being treated unfairly
But in the future, you will surely thank us!
It's the same for those in this fortress!
As long as you listen to what we say now, there will be a shining future waiting for you

Page 5
When will we be let out of jail?
Didn't we promise that as long as we don't get in your way, we can continue our journey?
Just wait a while, I'll have them let you out soon, so don't worry
What are you going to do about the hole underground? That's a part of your plan too, isn't it?
If everyone finds out about it...
No need to worry about that either
It seems Major General Armstrong will return that Homunculus to the tunnel and close the hole to the same as it was before
The Major General has become one of our side as well

Page 6
Right now she has started construction in closing up the hole
It should be cleanly closed in a week
Are you out of your mind, listening to Lieutenant General Raven like this!
And what about the search for the missing advance party?!
Quiet, Henshel
They might still be alive...they might be in need of help!!
I'm telling you to be quiet!
Obey me in silence!

Page 7
Obey his power, eh....?
So even the invulnerable "Northern Cliff of Briggs" will bend to authority
Well, that is the smartest choice

Page 8
So that's the rumored...

Page 9
Hey hey...
It's all right, let me handle it.
Good morning, "Sloth"
Did you sleep well?
Who are you
still want to sleep
Now now, you still have work

Page 10
Haven't you been told by "Pride"? That you must carry out your job
It's a bother, but
Oh well

Page 11
Ahh, tiresome.....
...Why am I feeling so tiresome
It's tiresome to remember toooo
There's no need to worry
He isn't a spy from Drachma
He is working for the Central army.....
He's a chimera
He is working to make this country even more powerful
Though it is still a top secret operation

Page 12
Now, hurry and close up this hole
Gentlemen of Briggs
You are ones who I've shared this secret with
My comrades
As I thought, I can't read it

Page 13
Is it no good?
Yes, this seems to be the old Ishbalan language
When it comes to the important part, it is written in ancient Ishbalan so that normal people cannot read it
What a problem...if we can't read the letters themselves, we can't solve the code either
So there is no hope...
If Scar were here, he may be able to read it
There is a high chance that an Ishbalan priest would know the old tongue
I wonder if something happened to Scar-san...
It has been a week now and we still can't meet.....

Page 14
I've found them
It's the girl with the black-and-white cat
Okay, let's go

Page 15
Scar-san! Yoki-san!
Did you find the research notes? [ the Japanese he's asking about a laboratory, but I'm assuming that's a mistake, because wha....? O__o]
Yes, indeed!
We're moving somewhere else
This place has been found by the Briggs soldiers

Page 16
It sure dries slowly
Spread some water
This is good
We, the chosen ones, will be endowed with bodies close to that of god and control this world
Smith...was that his name? It's too bad he was put in the advance party
A small sacrifice to form a large enterprise. When we raise this country to an even greater height, they shall be rewarded as well

Page 17
Are you saying that for the sake of the chosen ones, those below will be sacrificed.....?
Yes. It's "survival of the fittest."
The weak and foolish will become this country's foundation stones, and the strong will prosper on top of them
...By any chance do you mean the Ishbalans too?
That's right, they are a part of the plan. It is the fate of a weak nation to be destroyed in the first place
All is according to plan
That rebellion, and everything else
I see, then please
Yes. Yes.

Page 18
Sorry to make you wait
...You sure use the phone frequently
Well, I did come here to work
That's right, where is Lieutenant General Raven?
I have something to talk to him about...
Your wound was deadly, yet you were able to recover completely in one day and appear here
Along with Lieutenant General Raven
What magic did you use?
It's something unrelated to you
Where is Lieutenant General Raven?

Page 19
Wait. There's still something I want to ask.
You were in prison for murdering your superiors, so why were you suddenly released in the first place?
Didn't I say?
It is something unrelated to you
How long has this plan been in action?
I've heard it's from the time this country was created
Well now isn't that grand
Hmm, at last

Page 20
Now we will be able to complete the plan in my generation
There's no time to let Sloth rest
(I see...)
(His being greedy was because he's impatient)
I am grateful for your cooperation, Major General Armstrong
When I get to the top, I shall prepare a seat for you
There is no need for you to prepare a new seat

Page 21
Was Smith's arm the left?
Or was it the right?
It truly is a terrifying thing to age, Lieutenant General Raven
Long ago, you must also have been a young, noble soldier who honestly cared for this country
Wha...what are you doing, Armstrong?! This...
Even though I'd prepare a seat for you...even though you could become a chosen human!!

Page 22
Didn't I say?
A new seat is unnecessary
You...are you saying...
you will throw away immortality...
Even though it's right in front of your...eyes...

[this RAW is weird- I'm skipping page 23&24]

Page 25
That so-called immortality
Is it worth gaining even by throwing your comrades away and betraying your country's citizens?
Just as you said, you'd be well to become a foundation stone here in the basement of Briggs
General Raven

Page 26
Contact Miles
Everyone, continue working as you were
Major General

Page 27
The concrete. Be sure to level it cleanly
Please wait, Major General!!
If we completely close up the hole, we won't be able to go down below!!
We cannot search for Smith and the others unless we open the hole
Please Major General, call off closing the hole...

Page 28
What is it?
We thought this might happen, so we had Fullmetal create a passageway for us

Page 29
Yes. A friend of my friend works as a nurse at the foot of Briggs.
He was hospitalized with serious injuries, but the next day he was discharged. She said that kind of recovery was impossible.
After General Raven came to visit, he seemed to get better right away, she says.
General Raven?

Page 30
That old man came to my shop once too. He's such a lecher, and so arrogant
Raven and Kimbley...?
That's all the info I have this week
Ahh, thanks. I always appreciate it.
Yay<3 I can buy a new purse
Should I give you a ride?
No, I'm fine here.
I'm going out with friends before going home.
Come by the shop again, Roy-san
So you've been dumped, young man

Page 31
For a woman like that, you should attack her with a huge bouquet of flowers
So would you like to buy some?
A man who's been dumped sadly going back to his apartment alone with a bouquet of flowers?
I'll refrain
Now now, if there are women who can dump you, there are women who can pick you up too
I have a message from "the Northern Cliff of Briggs," Major General Olivier Milla Armstrong
Roy Mustang

Page 32
Then I'll buy all the flowers in the wagon
What is it?
Aren't you pushing this far more than needed?
Is it because you are Ishbalan and I am a State Alchemist who fought in the rebellion? What will it take to satisfy you?
An apology? Reparations?
No, no, the deaths of your own flesh and blood are not so light as to be satisfied with something so superficial
Or is it that you want to know how your kindred died?
....Quiet, Kimbley

Page 33
Ahh, if that's it, then I can tell you in vivid detail
I told you to be quiet!!
Here you are
...May I speak with you for a moment, Major
What is it
I have a message from Major General Armstrong

Page 34
"Operation accomplished"
"You can stop buying time"
Roger that
Good grief, now I can finally stop talking with that
Even if it is an act, such a desolate conversation is tiring
It seems Lieutenant General Raven can't be found
Do you know of any place where he might go?

Page 35
He's missing?
What a bother... This isn't a safe place for an amateur to go walking around freely
If something happened to the Lieutenant General...
Wouldn't it be fine?
As for me, I'm thankful
In case something happens to Lieutenant General Raven, I am allowed to move around as I wish what the Fuhrer has authorized
Now, then
I have business to tend to, so would you please send a car to the foot of the mountain, Major Miles?

Page 36
Do you understand?
This means that right now, my actions are the same as the Fuhrer's actions
Now, a car please
Hey, when are we going to be let out of here?
Well, just wait
Have you heard how the search for the black-and-white cat and the little girl is going?
Yeah, they're searching for them. Don't worry.

Page 37
I can understand how you feel impatient
But it's also important to rest your body for the next time you're going to move
....So many things are happening and only time is dragging on by
I can't just sit still
Let me guess, this costs 100 cenz
Nope, mine is 200 cenz
I'll return it

Page 38
Why, hello
I've come to pay a visit to Mr. Fullmetal Alchemist
.....Oh, what a shady-looking face
It seems you might hate me
Ah well
I've come today to bring a guest for the Elric brothers
Now, come in please
Ah...thank you

Page 39

Page 40
Why...but don't you need northern-use automail?!
Nobody's called you!!
No way?! But I got a call from the military!!

This is taking WAY too long. -_-
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