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Return of the Angst

Pep rally was meh. MINNA URUSAI.

So, I tried to schedule another appointment for Senior photos today, and it turns out they were all filled up. This was my fault of course, because I really should have done it a long time ago. The fact is I just didn't CARE. And now I have to call the studio directly, and OMFG they're located in BALTIMORE.
NO. That is like a one day trip. I am NOT going to Baltimore just to have a picture taken.
So...does it matter whether I have my picture in the yearbook? I mean, there really isn't anything about high school that's particularly memorable anyway. It's just a tiny segment of my life, like middle school. It's not the best years of my life- I'm still waiting for those. And there aren't any people I know there who I expect to remember in 5+ years. So what's the point? Not like anyone would miss me.
I'm really making too much of a big deal out of this, aren't I?

Aaaaand in an attempt to lighten my mood, I've started participating in a FMA RPG. I haven't roleplayed in years, and this time my character happens to be a very masculine, fanatically religious serial killer. Should be interesting. XD

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