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Look what I found out!

Much of the day was spent researching. Early morning, I went scouring through my mom's old American history text, then right before first period, I went to the library to borrow a book about the aftermath of World War I. Before French class, I went to the library to borrow another book, and again during lunch. Then I returned a book when school ended. So I was busy and distracted throughout all my classes.
But the good thing is I got some good info for the OurWorld!AU fanfic I'm planning. But first, here's a random fact I found amusing:
In the 1916 Presidential election, the candidate running against Woodrow Wilson was named Charles Evans Hughes. He was a progressive who attracted the support of Theodore Roosevelt and lost by one of the smallest margins in American history (as of 1983). It was argued that Hughes was more likely than Wilson to lead the nation into war.
AHAHA. Look at the bunnies grow.
Also, I looked at a map of post-WW1 Europe, and found out that in order to get to Transylvania (in Romania), Ed would have to travel through the new Czechoslovakia. And guess what- Czechoslovakia's capital is Prague.
Prague, where alchemists John Dee and Edward Kelly were imprisoned by Emperor Rudolf the Second. Prague, where alchemical and magical studies flourished throughout much of the 16th century. Prague, where occult specialists were given their very own street.
So yes. Edward Elric is going to Prague. :D
Also, I have to research the Tower of Babel for this Biblical allusions project in English class. I chose that deliberatly because I'm fascinated by ancient Babylon (hanging gardens!!!) and because it reminds me of a Kino story. XD I also need to write an essay for English about a memorable moment from The Poisonwood Bible and how it relates to the book's theme. Shouldn't be TOO hard.
But all this won't leave me much time to prepare for Writer's Group. Victoria Lynn is going to kill me if I don't bring in something. I guess I could print out some early chapters of Masks of Destiny, though I wanted to revise it once first. Ah well.
Back to work!

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