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Why does February have to be so short?

*sigh* I can't do it. There's less than twenty minutes left before midnight (on my watch, but not on LJ's apparently), and I'm only 2/3 done with the Scar/Yoki manifesto. It was a combination of midterm stress, too many clubs, and not feeling creative at all in the past week. *sigh*

I'm going to try signing up for the pairing now, though I'm worried whether I could be as silly in a formal manifesto....I also wanted to sign up for Aghi/Soreto too, because I realized earlier on that I wouldn't be able to finish that one on time. Though I guess the good thing is that now, if Scar and Yoki show up in the next couple of chapters, I could include that.

Also, Mythology midterm was horrible. It was so difficult and embarrassing. There was an entire page full of "This person's father was named ____", "This person's mother was named ____", "This person's uncle was named ____", "This person's son was named ____", etc. I was only able to answer about half of them. I mean, I knew we had to know some names, but I didn't think we'd have to memorize entire family trees, especially considering all the people Zeus has raped. (Oh yeah, I had to list all the virgin princesses he raped too.) And I can't believe I had to describe how Uranos got his genitals chopped off by his unborn son. Greek mythology is so f-ed up.

At least I'm pretty sure I did well on my Eastern Religions midterm. :(
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