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More rambling about Fantastic Children

Man...why did we have to have a meeting during midterms week? Only two people (excluding me) were able to make it to Anime Club today. :( Which is a damn shame, because tonight we watched episodes 11-16, which give out like.....a TON of important plot/character information. Last week we stopped right before the Children of Befort went to look for Helga, and when people come back from Spring Break we'll be right in the middle of the Greecia arc! That's going to be so confusing!! X_X

But it was great hearing "Voyage~Meguru toki no naka de" playing in a theater. In fact, I'm going to upload it again just because it's so beautiful. Download the pretty music!

I couldn't help but notice the similarities to Fullmetal Alchemist again, with the recreating bodies, transferring souls, science stepping into forbidden territory, etc. No, I will not write a crossover. And how abrupt Soran and Tina's relationship is. (One minute she's slapping some aristocrats, and the next second they're together!) Also, Soran's body makes about as much sense as Terminator Archer from the FMA anime. I don't care how advanced their technology is, that just can't be possible. XD
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