Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Heroes Episode 15


-I am so glad Matt didn't get killed. My blood was pumping during the whole chase. A bodyguard who can read minds is friggin awesome! Too bad Jessica tricked him. D: I thought it was cool that he heard Nicki too. But dammit, WHY DID HE TAKE THE DIAMONDS! Now he's going to get in more trouble!

-POOR CLAIRE. Holy jeez the poor girl needs a HUG, all her parents are so stupid and sjdfusdhgsudf Mrs. Bennet's mind is screwed up now. NICE GOING, MR. BENNET.

-AGGHHHH SYLAR. I thought Zane was cute, he had a cool power, he lives in Virginia Beach! (Too close to home!) *CRIES* T_T Run, Mohinder, RUN!

-Hiro and Ando: I have no idea where this is going. >_< *getting impatient with their story arc*

-Next to Claire, I think Nathan is the most unfortunate character at the moment. His life is so full of SUCK.

I hope we get to see Claude and Peter next episode!
Tags: heroes, tv

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