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book rambling

Well now. I've finished reading FMA Manga Chapter 40. And it has made me very happy. I feel pity for Ed, poor thing. ^^
And what else...oh, I finished reading The Alchemist. I had to force myself to get through those last ten pages. The ending disappointed me. To sum it up, the journey is the treasure. The end. How predictable. SO not going on my Highlights list.
Why is it that everyone else says this book is inspirational and not me? Maybe it's because I already think about these things all the time, and none of the material is new to me. While reading, I kept going 'Yeah, yeah, I know this, okay?' and was thus bored to death. Also, the way the story is feels like a children's fable. Like the purpose of the book is to present a moral, and nothing more. Which is probably the case. Nothing about the book was remarkable or memorable to me. Once again, I am disappointed.
Now what next? I have to read Wuthering Heights for English class, but I'd still like to have something on the side. Since I want to get into my Nelly mood, I think either The Mapmakers or Spice: The History of a Temptation will do. And once I finish that, I can start Travel in the Ancient World as inspiration for Masks of Destiny. Yup yup, sounds good!

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