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Chapter 68 Translation!

Page 41/41 done. YAAAAY FINISHED!

Page 1
The father who looks on their sleeping faces is...

Page 2
You should pet them
They're your own sons, aren't they?
What are you restraining yourself for?
If someone like me touched them, they might get infected with monster
If something like that was contagious, I'd be infected already

Page 3
...How stupid
I have seen many deaths since I've gotten this body
My friends would all age and die, and the scenery I adjusted to would change
People repeat mistakes the same as ever and don't try to learn from history
But if I think that is just one part of the flow in this great world, I could escape some of my sadness
There are many beautiful and mysterious things in this world that I've yet to see. Every time I am surprised by them, I think that it's not so bad to accept this body and live on
.......That's what I thought.
Until I met you, Trisha, and had children
I don't age, but my sons who share my blood continue aging and growing before my eyes
I feel horrified

Page 4
"I really am a monster"......
Chapter 68: Family Portrait

Page 5
I've been waiting. Over here please.
Dear! Dear, come over!
What is it?
Good day, sir.
A photographer?
Here, your tie! Try to look presentable!

Page 6
We haven't taken a picture all together yet
So let's take one
But that's so sudden...
I said hey...

Page 7
Here, carry Ed
Eh, ah
We're ready now. Please go ahead.
Hey Trisha~~~
Oh bother....

Page 8
Alright, please face this way and stay still
Someday I'm going to be a monster-like wrinkly old woman too, you know
But you see
No matter what we look like, I want to keep smiling and taking pictures together
So please always be part of this family
Don't put distance between yourself and become just a far-off presence

Page 9
Don't hurt yourself with words like "monster"
I'm taking it now~
Please smile

Page 10
My own mistake is what caused me to have this body

Page 11
That's why I accepted it and continued to live remaining this way...
I planned to continue living on with this body
But now that's changed
Together with Trisha and the children, I...

Page 12
I want to age and die with them
That bastard......
As I thought, this is the only way

Page 13
And now it's...
Now it shouldn't break for a while

Page 14
Oh my
What are you doing?
Repairing the swing
Doing something you're not used to
I was so immersed in research that I never got to do anything for them
So I least I'll do this

Page 15
Please wait for me
Don't tell the children about my body
Is it alright for me not to wake the children?
I might cry if I see their faces
How stupid, it's okay for you to cry

Page 16
Now what made you get up so early in the morning
Al said he needed to pee
I see, so you're taking care of Al
Thank you, Ed

Page 17

Page 19
Just a little longer......
How is it?
No good. It won't connect after all.

Page 20
Oh great. We can't communicate with above.
What should we do, keep going? We've brought camping materials with us
Hmm... If they dug the hole this far and there are rails for trucks, that means there should be an exit to carry out the dug-up rubble
Let's go on a little further
Smith, you go back to make a report
Let's go
? What's wrong?

Page 21
What is it?
Spread out.....!!

Page 22-24
*lots of screaming*

Page 25
The advance party has returned!
Something's not right

Page 26
Watch out...
Jeez, what's wrong with it!!
What the hell is this...

Page 27
(He took the bait...)
(You've taken the bait considerably fast, Raven)
(Is he planning something)
(Or is he simply an idiot...)
(For now I'll show a humble attitude and draw out a little information...)
How about it?
You won't die, you won't decay
Aren't you interested?

Page 28
I'm sorry
That just sounds so extraordinary, I'm not sure how to answer...
Are you interested or not interested
There are only two ways to answer

Page 29
(He's forcing me... Your eyes aren't smiling, Raven)
....How interesting. Would you tell me a little more?
If that "day when immortality would no longer be a dream" arrives, does that mean that not only I, but the soldiers of Briggs fortress would also recieve those benefits?
(You're impatient. ...Are you running out of time?)
When that day arrives [Arrgghhh cursed tumor speech bubble!!]
(Then that means until that day, you won't guarantee it)
(If I follow them blindly, I'll be made to help cause an unavoidable incident here at Briggs...)
(If I don't accept, I'll be thought of as useless and probably...demoted. They probably have more than enough convenient pawns to replace me with.)

Page 30
(Now what is the best way to answer...)
.....Excuse me
What's wrong
Excuse me, this is urgent! The advance party in the underground tunnel has...
What's happened with the underground tunnel?

Page 31
It's alright, say it.
Something unusual happened to the advance party...
Got it. I'll go right away.
The hole underground
General Raven, would you also take a look at the situation underground?
Yes, hm.

Page 32
Right, let's move!
Oh yeah
Wait a minute!
We were being tied to jail
Ohh, that's right
You have to tie Brother up tight
You're right. If we tie it loosely they might suspect us, so we'll have to be secure...
Okay, leave it to me
OWOWOWOWWW!!! Do you have something against me, Warrant-officer Falman?!
It's Second Lieutenant!

Page 33
What's wrong, Buccaneer. This is rather showy.
Yes! We are in the middle of transfering the Elric brothers from the eastern prison to the western prison
Who is this?
Zolf J. Kimbley. He is General Raven's guest.
...which means he's the Crimson...
If you say the Elric brothers, that means...
The Fullmetal Alchemist

Page 34
I see, your appearance suits your alias.....
Ah, this one
(It's been a while since I've heard this exchange)
My regards
Mr. Fullmetal Alchemist

Page 35
I've moved the troops at my own discretion
I don't mind. This is an emergency
What happened
There's an abnormality with the unit that went into the tunnel to investigate
Any contact from the party?
They should have taken a communication device with them, but there has been no contact
Only Smith's horse
and what is thought of as Smith's arm has returned
Only his arm...what about his body?
It is missing
The cut end looks as if it was sliced by a sharp edged tool
The horse he was riding on is so agitated that it's now useless

Page 36
Is there something deep in the tunnel?
We have absolutely no information
We have no idea what the situation is for the advance party so we can't recklessly send out a rescue party
This is no good, Major General Armstrong
Hmmm, this is really no good at all
We must close up such a dangerous hole
Now where did you put that invulnerable biological weapon you were telling me about?

Page 37
Put it back in the hole and close the entrance, Major General
We can't do such a
You lower people do not need to know
I am speaking to the Major General
That's the law of this place, isn't it?
Obey the strong......
Obey my power, Major General Armstrong

Page 38
Hm, is that so
Continue moving under Raven's command
Don't worry. I guarantee your authority.
I'm very grateful
Oh, that's right
I met the one called Fullmetal Alchemist

Page 39
Because he won't say anything about the mysterious biological weapon, he is under suspicion of being a spy and has been put in prison
Is Fullmetal over here under Your Excellency's orders?
No, this is the first I've heard of them being in the north
Oh my, you have no grasp on the whereabouts of your precious human resources?
They are looking into Xing's alchemy...I know that
I see
That they would go to Briggs of all places......
I've warned him once, but now I'll warn him again

Page 40
Yeees, coming, coming
Yeees, this is Atelier Garfiel <3
......Excuse me? [*tempted to put "Excusè moi?"]
Yes, she's here...

Page 41
Winry-chan, you have a phonecall!
From the military!
At last, even Winry is brought onto that stage...?!

Why don't I have a Hohenheim icon other than this??
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