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Strategic maneuvering on LJ

To finish up my posting spree tonight, I shall explain just how I've been keeping up with my flist all this time despite Livejournal still being very slow.

-Don't even bother with the Login page, it always times out now. Instead, go to one of my own posts and log in by commenting. This usually takes about one hour. Meanwhile, check my flist without logging in, so once I am logged in, all I have to read are f-locked posts.

-Use the tracking feature constantly.

-Whenever I see a post I want to read or comment in, open it in a new window, or else it'll take forever to get back onto the flist. This means I usually have at least twenty windows open at a time.

-Bookmark the FAQ pages that I use a lot, because I can never remember HTML codes. >>;

-Find something else to do while waiting for pages to load- homework, reading a book, reading another website, listening to music, etc.

Voila! Time management!

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