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More Juushin Enbu research

I'm not posting this to bos_taurus yet because it's entirely theoretical. I just need to write it down somewhere.

I finally got around to translating what the fortune telling website had to say about Bukyoku (Ryuukou's star). And discovered that the historical figure personifying Bukyoku, Buou, is in fact King Wu of Zhou. Putting this together with my theory that the historical figures are the previous incarnations of the Hokushin Tenkun, this is really interesting, because King Wu is the one who defeated the Shang dynasty and drove Zhou Wang (Hagun) to commit suicide by setting his palace on fire and burning to death.

So at least Hagun, Tonrou, and Bukyoku lived in the same time period. Bukyoku saw that the empire was in shambles, defeated Hagun, and established the Zhou Dynasty by invoking the Mandate of Heaven. Hm.

Also, putting this together with my theory that Rakushou = Luoyang, it's interesting because King Wu was the one who constructed Luoyang "as a settlement for the remnants of the captured Shang nobilities." They're all connected! :O

I've also been looking into this "Rikka sect" that Ryuukou is a part of and right now my best guess is that it's a Buddhist sect. And that "Touyuuji" (mentioned in the first chapter) is one of the many (at one point there were over a thousand) temples/monasteries in Luoyang. If that's the case, then it'll be another thing I'd like to fix when I scanlate Chapter 1 over again (which would be whenever the tankoubon comes out).

Another interesting, possibly relevant fact I found: "It is said that Chan Buddhism allows you to store and build up qi, while martial arts is the act of releasing qi; therefore, the two complement and complete each other."

Aaand the personality description for Bukyoku: full of eagerness to achieve a goal. With swift decisiveness and quick actions, when there is something immediate to do, he finishes it promptly, and earns deep trust from those surrounding him. He is honest with himself, and is straight with his intentions to others as well. This is someone who can work standing above people. Occasionally, he can be self-righteous and impatient.

...has a loyal heart, quick decisiveness, holds crisp and clear conversations, and excels with a sense of economy.

Yeah, that sounds like Ryuukou to me. XD
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