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I thought that it's by time I make some comments on the recent episodes of Heroes...

Meh...I'm only really interested in Claire and Peter's stories right now.

-Sylar creeps me out. The whole time he was with Mrs. Bennet I was fidgeting in my seat. D: Oh, and did he absorb Eden's power after all? His voice kinda changed when he was speaking to Mrs. Bennet before Mr. Bennet and the Haitian burst in...

-Peter and Claude. CLAUDE IS FRIGGIN AWESOME. I love how he just PUNCHED Peter in the last episode. I think that's one of my favorite scenes now. XDD

-I'm so happy Claire and Zach are friends again! ♥ Claire's mom is pretty cool. However, the revelation that Claire's father is Nathan? Eh. D: Man, this means Peter is her uncle?

-Nicki, DL, and Micah: LAME. I'm so bored of them now. What is the point of this story again?

-Matt and his wife. I have no idea where this is going. The "We're having a baby!!" thing was lame though.

-I'm not really happy with the revelation that Hiro's father is the CEO of a company. I liked the idea of Hiro just being a normal guy. I don't see the point of having Hiro's father showing up anyway; it felt like a waste of time since it didn't get them anywhere. Well, I guess it was supposed to be a 'test' for Hiro? I want to see him get the sword~~ (And why exactly is his power going away again?)

I've also found that watching Heroes on NBC's official website is much easier than downloading it. I think what they've got there is a great idea. Sure there's commercials, but they're far shorter than the ones you see on TV. You don't even have to pay for it. And it's LEGAL. I'm totally loving it.
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