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Moving on to Volume 10...

Alex: is havoc really paralyzeD?
Me: Yes D:
Alex: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Alex: i love him though.
Me: I know, it's sad D:
Alex: very.
Alex: does he get paralyzed in the anime, too?
Me: Nope. he's pretty much only comic relief in the anime.
Alex: ahhhhhhh.
Alex: man, that author is mean! killing and paralyzing all my favorite charcters!
Alex: *sob*
Me: :(
Me: well, on the bright side, no one gets killed in volumes 12-14
Alex: i dont care! *sobs and runs away*

In other news, I've figured out a way to "fix" all the stupid editing errors in Volume 11: I put post-it notes on the pages with corrections. :D But overall, I thought the translation itself was pretty good. I especially liked how Garfiel called Winry "girlfriend." XD

Also, starting today, for the next five days, I'm going to be keeping a Food Diary for Food & Culture class. I have to take note of everything I eat, as well as the location, what I'm doing at the time, and my mood. I get the feeling that my mood will always be either "hungry" or "rushed."

And the downside of having four classes on Monday (with a club meeting on top) is that I have too much homework, not enough time, and not enough sleep. D: Ugh.
Tags: anthropology, college, fma, friends, manga, translation

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