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Nervous relief

Things I have accomplished today:

Take a shower.
Finish sending in college applications (FINALLY DONE THANK GOD).
Do the laundry.

Things I have yet to do today:

Finish "Returnable Memories" translation (How can "shiiage" mean 'finish'? That doesn't make sense in context with the rest of the line...) Nantoka dekimashita...
Finish reading The Alchemist (Yes, I've been avoiding it for the past month or so).
Start reading Wuthering Heights.
Do homework (Meh, I can always do it during 1st period tomorrow).

I only have two recommendations I can send to my colleges of choice, and only one is really all that good.
Mr. White's sucks ass, to be honest, because he's just not telling the truth. When did anyone ever seek me for "mediation, guidance, opinions, and moral support"? "Strong interpersonal skills"? "Leadership assignments"?? WTF. Most of my Creative Writing class hated me for being an unwilling teacher's pet. Also, he addressed three out of four of the letters to Virginia Commonwealth University, which I am not planning to apply to. How in the world does a Journalism teacher get to suck so badly?
Mr. Stergiou's was good, but I only had him for Freshman year, so I dunno whether it would make that much of an impression. What REALLY would have helped was if Mrs. Johnson (my AP English 11 teacher) wrote me a recommendation, especially if she mentioned how I handled the research paper. I even asked her to and gave her my address. But I haven't recieved a reply the whole summer. And Mr. Bousch hasn't sent me anything either, and I was hoping his letter (since he graduated from GMU) would give my application a big boost. But noooo, I get nothing.

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