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Productive day, this is

I sent in my application to George Mason University today. *gulp* Next I'm going to do Christopher Newport, then James Madison. I hope my personal statement is okay- I'm still not satisfied with it, but I don't see how else I can improve, so...
Also, I finished another FMA fanfic, "Adapting." I came up with the idea Thursday night, started writing it on Friday, and I just finished today. 1,424 words! YES! See, Justine, I AM coming out of my slump! :D Now I just have to direct my creativity to my original works.
And I'm almost done transliterating/translating the song "Returnable Memories." I just have to ask my mom what "shiiage" means, and then I can post it to fm_alchemist. I feel proud of myself. ^^

Btw Justine, HANG IN THERE!!

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