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Chapter 67 Translation START!

Page 36/36 done. YAY FINISHED!!

Page 1
Ughhhh cold, cold
Ed, tied up?!
So you're awake?

Page 2
Good morning
That's right.....
Chapter 67: The Shape of this Country
Has there been any progress?
No. Captain Buccaneer and Second Lieutenant Falman went to investigate the hole as the advance party and they haven't come back yet.
Major General Armstrong is holding constant supervision at the site
Major Miles is at the hospital
They say an alchemist named Kimbley is hospitalized.
It seems he fought with Scar on a train coming over here and became seriously ill

Page 3
(Scar and the Crimson Alchemist coming north...?)
Ready and
Come on, you can do it
You're moving that into the shade?
Yes. At this season, the shade is like a natural freezer all day long
How far will you go?
To the hospital down below. I'm going to pay a visit.
It seems that Zolf J. Kimbley is hospitalized
Huh?! Isn't that...

Page 4
The guy who went around killing Ishbalans
They couldn't find the corpse of Scar or the middle-aged man from around the disconnected freight car...which means there may be a possibility that they're hiding in this vicinity
(Whew, that's a load of work.)
(Along with the black-and-white cat, we're also searching for Scar)
I understand. Leave the matter of Scar to us; you should recuperate
Haven't I said that it is my job?
I would like for your people to draw back
The soldiers of Briggs should be quietly protecting the fortress rather than intruding

Page 5
Ishbalans are my prey
Unfortunately, the soldiers of Briggs are not so soft as to let a murderer run loose
The law here is survival of the fittest
If you're off your guard, you will be killed
Do you?
What can you do in that condition, Crimson?
If I hear you make light of us, I'll pull out your lifeline

Page 6
The Briggs branch will tend to you
Stay quiet
As I thought, Ishbalans are interesting
Hey, Kimbley
So you're alive
You've arrived quickly
Lieutenant General Raven
I heard the news last night and came right away
I was so, so worried

Page 7
What you gentlemen are worried about
is this, isn't it
Very well, I'll ask you to continue your work
But I'm in this state
No need to worry
I've brought with me a doctor who can use alchemy
And there is a Stone
You'll be completely healed in no time

Page 8
Major General Armstrong!
The advance party has returned!
How was it?
Well, it's huge. Just huge.
It seems wide enough for a small army to come through
So bright
It just continues spreading out
We couldn't make it to the end
No matter how far we went, there was no end, so we decided to withdraw once
Let's rotate the advance party
Please also lower some horses and materials

Page 9
Is it safe inside?
We've confirmed that the area the advance party passed through is safe
Good. Lower horses for us too.
And for the Elric brothers.
Drag them out here.
It really is huge
No matter how far you go, you can't see further ahead.....

Page 10
This should be about right...
Get off
Is there something?
We don't have to worry about being seen or heard down here
Tell me everything that you know
And this time I mean everything
Don't keep any secrets. When that huge monster came out and I questioned you about it,
you said "Please try to understand", didn't you?

Page 11
In other words, those are words that put trust in me understanding
In that situation, such a vague answer could lead you to being killed, and yet you still squeezed out those words
Something that you must protect even at the risk of putting your life in the balance...
And something that you want me to understand...
For instance
A hostage

Page 12
I don't need any tricks, lies, or falsehoods. Tell me the truth.
....They're holding my weakness to keep me from talking about those immortals
Our childhood friend, an automail mechanic
We want your help
The Philosopher's Stone
Homunculi [damn, those are TINY speech bubbles! D:]

Page 13
King Bradley
A man called "Father"...
The military higher-ups are completely corrupt...
Then it's a hostage after all
A childhood friend and Mustang's staff...
We've often had joint training with Eastern Headquarters so I know of Hawkeye and Havoc
It would be a pity to lose them. I want to do something.
Um, what about Colonel Mustang......
Ahh, right
I don't care

Page 14
That's right
It would be nice if he'd hurry and fall from power, I would have one less rival
You can do it Colonel~
But it's dirty of them to take an unrelated girl hostage!
Is it? It's a very rational and effective method against humans like these in an emergency
I would also probably do the same thing
The problem is what we're going to do now..... [argh the stupid "da" appears again! Not another tumor speech bubble! Dx]
This tunnel
How would you alchemists see it?

Page 15
Do you have a map?
Map of the country or map of the area? [I can't find the "ban" kanji, but contextually this is what it should mean]
We need a compass too
Just as I thought
This tunnel wasn't dug from Drachma
I think that this tunnel's probably been dug in the shape of a circle within the country
A circle?
In alchemy, the circle is the most important factor in governing the circulation of power

Page 16
What's left is...
The equations
Second Lieutenant Falman
Could you give me all the large incidents that involved bloodshed in this country?
What do you...
July 1558, the Riviere incident
October 1661, the Cameron civil war
February 1799, the Soapman incident, it occured at Fisk
March 1811, the Wellesley incident
October 1835, the first ever southern border war occured northwest of what is now South City
May 1911, the second southern border war occured south of Fotosett
How about around Pendleton in the west?
Right now it's all muddled because of the border war. There's some bad fighting going on and quite a few soldiers are dying

Page 17
.....And 1914
The Reole uprising
Death toll in the thousands
Didn't I report to Eastern Headquarters straight after I revealed the fake priest's identity in Reole?
The Eastern army went out at once and prevented the uprising before it could get ugly
Then how did it become such a horrible situation?!
The right to command of the site was taken by the Central army that came later!

Page 18
The situation at Reole became horrible after the Central army came marching in and the Eastern army was discarded.
I heard that they just observed the riots and didn't do any proper work
Continue working on the map, Fullmetal.
There's no use in lashing out at Falman now
and I have no intention of keeping you company when you're flooded with guilt
I'll connect the locations.....

Page 19
......What in the world
It looks exactly like the transmutation circle in the basement of the 5th Laboratory...!!
The Philosopher's Stone array that uses human lives?!
If you create a Stone using something this massive, just how many people would be sacrificed?!

Page 20
"Aren't you using this country to create a Philosopher's Stone?" ...I asked Envy this once
But he laughed
"Close, you're headed in the right direction," he said
Before, I said to Edward-kun that "If it's you, you will realize the other truth behind the truth"
The "truth" was that the ingredients of the Philosopher's Stone is living humans
"Behind the truth" is the existence of those who are directing it
"The other truth" is the transmutation of the Philosopher's Stone using the entire country...
But it does not end there
There is still something else

Page 21
Mei-chan, please help me
With my knowledge and your knowledge of Rentanjutsu, let's read and work out these research notes at all costs
(That's right)
(There's still something else!)
Still? There's something even beyond this?
There's still the problem about us human sacrifices and all that
The oldest one is the incident at Riviere in 1558?
That was right after the founding of Amestris....

Page 22
Without even a declaration of war, we started fighting with what was then our neighboring country, Riviere
In the incidents of every location, the military has been involved!!
Whether it's a coup d’état or rebellion
Reole too. It was originally supposed to be have been over by just taking down the Founder, but the Central army came out and made it worse
From the founding of the country...!
In the beginning, our nation had only a very small territory, but we began spreading out by annexing the surrounding small countries
Just enough to create this circle
In a clever manner

Page 23
They're not using this country to do something
Instead, they created this country from the start in order to do it?
In other words, a military state was more convenient...?
It turned out that way only because they had a need for a military state?
How practical
This means that everything has gone the way they've planned
.....This isn't some board game...
Then Mr. Hughes....!!
He saw the transmutation circle for the Philosopher's Stone before he was killed
On top of that, he worked at the court martial office so it would have been easy to look into the incidents of the military
He realized before anyone else that this country was strange from the time it was founded...

Page 24
(They even think they were able to create this current prosperity with their own power!!)
Those bastards...!!
I don't like it
Looking at this map, the next to see blood is...
no, the only place remaining is the vicinity around Briggs
What do they in Central plan to do with my castle?!
A messenger?

Page 25
General, please return right away
What happened?
Lieutenant General Raven from Central has come!
They won't even give us time to think
I wonder what he came here for?
Now what to do...
Major General Armstrong
Relying on your, actually this is a suggestion that I can only count on you doing
Would you like to try laying a sickle in Lieutenant General Raven?

Page 26
Lieutenant General Raven
I apologize for keeping you waiting. I believe Major General Armstrong should return shortly.
No, don't worry. It's my fault for intruding so suddenly.
What business do you have here today?
Not anything really, I just had something to do in this area and thought I'd drop by for a greeting along the way
It's not a formal visit
Ahh that's right, I've brought a guest with me.
Major Miles
Could you please show him around the fortress?

Page 27
Greetings, Major Miles
I believe you did say you would take care of me?
I'm sorry we've been so busy, Lieutenant General Raven. There was an attack by the enemy from underground.
We were somehow able to fight it off, but my, it's really what you would call a monster
It won't die no matter how much we kill it
That really is something....

Page 28
I suspect that it might be a biological weapon from Drachma
But the Elric brothers...
Elric brothers?
We just happened to have the Fullmetal Alchemist and his little brother under our protection
The attack by the mysterious creature happened on the night of their arrival
The brothers seem to know something about it but won't say anything
It would be a great problem if a State Alchemist under the control of the Fuhrer is a Drachman spy, so we've put them behind bars. Would you like to interrogate them?
Mm. Yes, you're right.
They won't say anything?
Yes. They keep their mouths shut when it comes to the mysterious biological weapon.

Page 29
And they said their goal in coming here was researching transmutation of living bodies or some such...
It was such an unclear answer, there's nothing more suspicious than that
They might be scheming to betray the state, so I thought I would torture them to make them spit it out
But you see, I'm just a mere woman
It would make my heart ache to hurt children like that, so I just couldn't do it
Would you believe that, this queen with a heart made of ice
Gahahaha! So even the invulnerable "Northern Cliff of Briggs" is soft toward children
I'm also at the age where it wouldn't be strange to be having a child or two normally
But I've completely missed my chance

Page 30
What are you saying, you must still be very popular
No, no
I don't want to age
I find age frightening
That biological weapon from has an amazing body
An immortal body
Isn't it like a dream?
The day when it would no longer be a dream is approaching--
What if I were to say that?
Say, Major General

Page 31
Would you be interested in a perfect immortal army?
(He took the bait!!)
I don't quite understand this "lungmei" that practitioners of Rentanjutsu speak of
Um, first of all, there is the "ki" of the earth itself
The earth's "ki"?
To put it simply, it is the power that, after erupting from the peak of a mountain, goes underground and enrichens the land

Page 32
The river of power that flows inside the another way of saying it
If you understand that flow of power and it's entrances and exits, then use it.....
It is possible to ride on that flow and transmute at a distance
This is a power that can be applied to all things!
Hum, interesting
If it's in all things, is that power in human bodies as well?
An easy-to-understand example is, for instance.....
Ouch...ouch ouch...just now.....
Only by pushing my waist, something like electricity ran through my legs up to my toes!!

Page 33
Marcoh-san, you must take care of your waist. The flow of power is stagnant. [OH GOD XIAO MEI IS SO CUTE! I just had to say that, sorry]
Well, at this age, things get rickety all around...
By the way, if you press the nape of the neck
MY EYES----!!!
My eyes!! My eyeees!!
Why do my eyes get shocked when I was pressed on the neck?!
I see...
So this is the theory behind transmuting from a distance...
It seems the alchemy of Amestris does not use lungmei
Yes. We use the energy from the movement of the earth's crust
Earth's crust...
There's underground energy that's emitted in earthquakes and volcanoes, right?
This country's alchemy uses the vast amount of energy that originates from the fluctuations of the earth's crust

Page 34
Surprisingly, the basic equation for using it was established roughly over 350 years ago
According to legend, the "Eastern Sage" gave us that equation...
Though it's only a legend is different
This uncomfortable feeling I've been having since I entered this country...
I felt it clearly the other day underneath Central...
Rather than the fluctuations of the earth's crust, this power that flows under our feet
it feels like a great number of people are squirming around

Page 35
I'm sorry
I'll have to use you

Page 36
Hohenheim who uses a large number of souls, what is he doing...?!

Incidentally, this song sorta reminds me of Olivier. :O
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