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This is the first time mentioning any of this on my LJ, but....for the past couple of weeks, my mom and I have been talking about getting a pet. The only other pet I've ever had was a small box turtle about ten years ago, but I only had it for less than half a year before it 'died' (it actually probably just went into hibernation, but we thought it was dead so we buried it).

What brought the subject up was that during the summer, one of my mom's friends was going to Japan, and she asked us to take care of her goldfish for a month. At first glance, the fish was pretty ugly, but as the days passed I really liked watching it swim around and I kept talking to it during dinner. When we finally had to give it back, I really missed having it around. So my mom began to think that maybe she should get me a pet after all.

Now first of all, I am a cat person. My dream has always been to own a black cat. But my mom is a dog person and she hates cats. I've always been reluctant to have a dog because I think they're too much trouble to take care of (I mean, I like them, but that's different from actually owning one). I'm always trying to convince my mom that cats are cool, and she's always trying to convince me the same about dogs.

But about two or three weeks ago, I discovered a dog that I wouldn't mind owning. The Welsh Corgi. You know, Ein from Cowboy Bebop? My mom was first appalled at its short legs, but gradually I was able to convince her that this was the dog for me. The only problem is that we didn't know where to find a breeder...

But miraculously, mom found a seller online. Someone was selling seven Welsh Corgi puppies for about $200 each and they lived in Manassas, which is very close by. It seemed too good to be true. We contacted the seller and agreed to meet with them this Friday. We're going to take a look at the dogs, and if we decide to buy one, then we could take it home on the same day.

So tonight, mom and I went to Petsmart to take a look at dog food, toys, and etc. By then we were both excited at the prospect of owning a dog and we've been talking about it for a week. But then...I noticed that Petsmart had some cats for adoption. I went to take a look.

What I found was a gorgeous 3 year-old male black cat. Seriously, gorgeous. He's pure black, and the shape of his face, his beautiful yellow eyes, his tail, his paws....I just fell in love right there. I must have stood there staring at him for twenty minutes. He's a Hurricane Katrina survivor, he's been neutered, litter box trained, checked for diseases, everything but declawed (but I like his claws anyway). He seemed very affectionate and gentle.

I don't know if anyone remembers this, but a couple of months ago I wished to name a black cat Walter. Well, this cat is perfect. PERFECT. Exactly the kind of cat I've always wanted. This is Walter.

So then I began begging my mom to forget about the dog and choose the cat.....well, mom didn't take it so well. She was horrified by how large the cat is. I mean sure, it's a pretty big cat, but it's a 3 year-old male, what do you expect? But mom said she wasn't feeling well, so we left Petsmart and came home. In the car, I still kept trying to convince her that I wanted the cat more than the dog.

Now, it might have been easier to convince her if I'd never expressed interest in the dog in the first place. But at the time, the Corgi seemed too good to be true. And now, the cat also seems too good to be true. The problem is that I'm going back to college in 17 days, and my mom is away at work for the majority of the day. The dog is a puppy that hasn't been trained yet, and Corgis need lots of exercise. We'd asked our neighbors if they could take care of the dog during the day, and they said they would be happy to, but it makes me worry whether the puppy will grow more attached to them than to my mom and I. I'm also intimidated about training the puppy because I have no experience in owning a dog.

The cat, on the other hand, is already potty trained and wouldn't need to be taken care of nearly as much as the dog. It's also $80 cheaper than the dog. In my mind, the cat is a much better idea. But when I asked mom, "If we go to see the dogs and I still think I want the cat more, can we adopt it?", her answer was "I don't know."

So...that's it. A decision will have to be made on Friday. The dog or the cat. I really, really want the cat. The dog is cute, but the cat is my dream come true. Mom doesn't want the cat. Is there anything I can do to convince her otherwise?
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